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Adds a twist to the Workshop Cages. New cages that capture Raiders, Gunners, Mutants, Triggermen, Children of Atom, Synths which are added to the local workshop as settlers. This works much like my Nomads mod where the 'captives' retain their faction traits, voices, etc.

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Updated 5/26/2023, v1.1, some cage description fixes, and now tagged as ESL (which I forgot to to with the initial release).  No functional changes,  you can update if you want to save an esp load slot.

Adds several new 'captive' cages to the workshop build menu (Wasteland Workshop is required) allowing the capture of  Raider, Gunner, Triggerman, Mutant, Child of Atom, and Synth captives (captives/settlers are assigned to the workshop where the cage is placed).  Captives will retain their faction traits and voices, as such normal settler dialogs will be limited or not exist. This complements my Nomads mod, but unlike Nomads this mod allows you to target specific factions for your settlements.   The cages use the same textures and cage mechanics as the original cages but catch a settler/captive vs a hostile actor. 

The cages are located in the Workshop Cages menu associated with the Wasteland Workshop DLC. The new cages can be identified in the workshop
menu by '
Faction name Captive'.  The vanilla cages will still capture a hostile actor.

I've been running SKK's Commonwealth of Decay [Open World Survival] and have included an optional patch mod to make the NPCs from this mod persist when running the SKK mod.  My mod and the F76 patch mod must be installed BEFORE you enable CoD or SKK476Openworld.

Captives are mortal by intent.
  However I have provided an optional patch to make captives protected. 

The optional F76 patch cannot be used with the Protected patch since both patches modify the same records.  One will overwrite the other's changes, so use only one optional patch at a time.  Place one optional patch below the main mod in your load order.

  • Non settler factions (raiders, gunners, mutants, synths, etc)  may not support all the respective animations that normal settlers do, some or all workshop animations may not work for all nomad factions.
  • While a 'Talk' option will appear for the non-settler factions, there is no dialog, or very limited dialog.
  • Trade does not work with Synth / Mutants, atm I do not have a solution.  You can trade with any settler using SKK Workshop Ownership Utilities´╗┐ with the Setter Command Menu enabled.

The load order when running Commonwealth of Decay

Workshop NPC Cages
Workshop NPC Cages F76 Patch