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Randomizes vanilla weapon stats by applying invisible mods to a weapon whenever it spawns. This allows the player to search for better variants as they progress through the game.

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Thank you to Bwones for the original mod that inspired all this, and for giving their permission for me to upload my own version.

I uploaded an armor version already, find it here.´╗┐ Unlike that mod, this one does not add any new mods or tweaks to any weapon. This only randomizes.

On to the details,

-Damage (Physical or Energy): +/-50% in increments of 5%. Pretty straightforward.
-Range: +/-200% in increments of 20%.
-Accuracy: +/-50% in increments of 5%. Some weapons are barely affected, like the plasma gun.
-Fire rate: +/-20% in increments of 2%.
-Weight: +/-50% in increments of 5%. While this seems pretty straightforward, and it is, there are some hidden bonuses associated with weight. The lighter the weapon, the faster it aims and reloads. The heavier the slower. The reload bonus is very slight, the aiming one is a bit more noticeable. The idea being a lighter weapon is more easy to handle. I got this idea from the vanilla game where aiming down sights is quicker with lighter weapons. Otherwise I wouldn't have been able to add in reload and sighted aiming without it being impossible to tell. Now, if the weapon is lighter, it most likely reloads and aims quicker.
-Value: Is tied to the rest of the stats. The higher they go, the better the value. The lower they go, the less they are worth. This was very difficult to balance however due to the percentages. You might stumble upon a weapon with negative value. I did my best to reduce this possibility, to the point where it is exceedingly rare. I believe it can only occur with weapons with multiple damage types. This is just due to the way I did the value stats.

This only affects vanilla weapons, but is very easy to apply to weapon mods. All you need is basic knowledge of xedit and you can apply the modcols to other weapons. Also, anything touching vanilla weapons will need to be patched.

I use this with a mod that removes damage scaling from perks, so this acts as a replacement of sorts. You might wish to do the same, but you can do as you like. It's your game.

Requirements: Only requires the Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch and the DLC's.

It's a pretty simple mod, but a fun one I think. Make sure to tell me of any bugs that might occur, although I can't imagine there being many. Thanks for taking an interest in this mod.

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