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Adds random stats to weapons. Similar to Borderlands. Stats effected: Damage, Value and Weight. For guns Fire rate and Range is also effected.

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This mod adds some randomness to all the weapon pickups in Fallout 4.

This effects 5 stats which are the ones shown on the Pipboy:

Fire rate (gun only)
Range (gun only)

This works by using the existing mod system to create hidden mods on the weapons. Fallout 4 has a system so it randomly picks one of the mods so no script is used atall. You can even associate level to the stats but I've only done that on the damage stat. 

You need all the DLC's and all the weapons are covered except the Syringer and Acid Soaker.

It will possibly conflict with things that change the vanilla weapons. This edits all the templates so if you have things also doing that it will probably have issues.
It will make your inventory much bigger. No way round that. It will still group things together but you have a lot more variation in your inventory so will split them out a lot more than normal.

The hard work for this is done and it wasn't all that hard. If you want to adjust anything. Opening in the Creation Kit. Go to object mods and find the random modcol. You can then set level or remove bits. You can quite easily add to it too.



Level < 5 = Damage between -5 to 0 vanilla
Level < 30 = -5 to +4
Level < 35 = -5 to +5
Level < 40 = -5 to +6
Level < 45 = -5 to + 7
Level < 50 = -5 to +8
Level < 80 = -5 to +15
Level 80+ = -5 to + 20

Anything with a weight < 6 vanilla between 0 to +15 vanilla
Everything else -5 to + 10

Value / Fire rate / Range
-25% to +25% vanilla

If someone has already done this sorry. It's a simple idea so thought someone probably has but couldn't find it on my searching.