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Adds craftable upgrades to almost all apparel and visual customization to many. Randomly adds resistances to armors as they spawn to allow the player to find better versions of armor/ clothing as they explore. Rebalances some armors and tweaks others according to my personal preference.

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Version 2.0 is here! Check the changelog for details. I hope you all enjoy the new version!

(Pre 2.0 description)
I was heavily inspired to do this by this mod.

Anyway, what does this do? This makes it so that every piece of armor or clothing that spawns will hopefully be unique. It does this through invisible mods applied to armors and clothes that have a chance to add 1 through 15 bonus resistance. More details below.

Physical Resistance: 1-15 additional resistance possible.
Energy Resistance: 1-15 additional resistance possible.
Radiation Resistance: 1-20 additional resistance possible. Radiation resistance is rarer in the base game, so I gave it a little more potential.
Poison Resistance: 1-5 additional resistance possible. Higher chance of appearing on gas masks.
Durability: -25% to +50% is the range for durability. Only applies to power armor. (Sorry I forgot that I made this one a percentage.)
S.P.E.C.I.A.L Stats: Can occasionally spawn on headwear/helmets and clothing/under armor.
Weight: -30% to +30% is the range. This is based off of the original weight of the item. So you won't find an extremely heavy pair of glasses for instance.
Value: Is based off of the other mods. The higher the resistance applied by the other mods, the higher the value applied as well. This translates to better pieces generally being worth more.

There are a handful of items that don't get random resistance stats, such as bandanas and eyewear. Gas masks only receive poison and radiation resistance.
Power armor has also been given its own set of randomizing mods. These are basically the same as the ones for clothing except they add 5 instead of 1 per level.

I tried to balance it so that the higher levels of resistance are quite rare, but I'd like to know what people think. I consider this a work in progress even though everything is done.

Tweaks and Additions:
-Added radiation resistance to a couple armors, sort of like they had in 76.
-Nerfed the Nuka World raider armors a bit, just because I don't like how strong they are.
-Added upgrade paths to dog armor, diamond city security armor, vault security armor, and super mutant armor. Although, the super mutant armor is a bit basic, because super mutants aren't very smart.
- Added Wasteland Weave, a weaker version of Ballistic weave with radiation resistance.
-Helmets/headwear received a misc. mod slot as well as a basic upgrade path.
-Gas masks and power armor helmets also have a new filter mod that adds poison and radiation resistance.
-All under-armors get the lining from the vault suit, although I changed what it does somewhat.
-All full body armor sets now have upgrades that can be applied just like regular armor pieces.
-All under-armors also had their base stats changed to be more comparable to one another. Although a few are still better than others in terms of base stats.
-Wedding rings now have unique names and minor effects. Are worth less though.
-Various small tweaks to weight and stats of some armors/clothes that I can't recall.

This mod comes with two esps flagged as light. The randomizer comes first in the load order. Originally, I intended to release the randomizer and the tweaks as two separate mods, but I got burned out and decided to combine them. If enough people want them separate I might do so.

Requirement: Requires the Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch due to some forwarded fixes.

Anything that wears armor might be a bit tougher now. Super mutants especially seeing as they now have the potential for armor upgrades and randomized stats.

Make sure to report any bugs and tell me any ideas you have on how to make this mod better. I'm curious what sorts of ideas people have because I love this concept for Fallout 4, hence this mod. Feel free to make patches for other mods as it's very easy to do.

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