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A simple mod that allows you to enter and exit workbenches near instantly, instead of waiting for long crafting animations to finish playing.

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You can see this mod in action on this video on Reddit.

Workbench Quick Exit is an extremely light ESP-less mod that speeds up your crafting experience and is safe to install and uninstall at any time. It should work with workbenches added from mods as long as they use the vanilla animations, I personally tested the ones added from Eli's Armour Compendium and Bathroom & Kitchen Workshop Pack and they were fine. Works for both player and NPCs.

The technical:
The animation that plays while you are at a crafting workbench is actually a collection of several separate animation files such as enter, exit, the main 'idle' (hammering, stirring pot etc.) and flavour idles. What this mod does is replace the enter and exit animations with very short alternatives. Since the other files are left untouched, this means that your character will still tinker away at the workbench as normal - but when you want to exit, you won't have to wait while the usually lengthy exit animation plays.

The mod does have downsides, unfortunately:
1. The special camera angles no longer activate. You just get a generic third person angle while you craft. Not especially noticeable since everything is blurred and you'll be focused on the menus anyway.
2. On the weapons bench (both variants) and the cooking stove (the oven type) your character stands about a foot in front of the workbench and tinkers away with thin air. A little annoying but far from the most un-immersive thing in the game.

Sound bugfix
I've now fixed the issue where workbench sounds continue to play after exiting by incorporating a version of Drop That Sewing Machine by KnorKater and OptimisticNihilist. That mod isn't required for WQE. (Full credit to them for the mod - I've included it in this mod with permission)

The fix replaces the offending sound files completely with silent versions, so unfortunately they won't play while at the workbench either. My incorporated version replaces the smaller .xwms as well as the .wavs so no pedal noises either, and also applies these same changes to the weapons workbench drill press as well.

Happy crafting!