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Adds 20 filled static bookshelves, craftable in workshop mode. ESL flagged.

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I love using bookshelves to decorate my settlements, so I have several mods which add them, but all of these mods add them to different places... I have some in Doors, some in Resources, and only a couple found in Shelves. So, why not take all of these wonderful mods and combine them in a better way?

This mod takes the assets found in:
• Decorated Bookcase Doors by SquallGriever
• Filled Tall Bookcases by aesfocus
• Library by Zorkaz
and converts them into static bookshelves found under Furniture Shelves.

This IS compatible with the original mods, if you want to keep the door/resource versions from Decorated Bookcase Doors and Library. (Using this with Filled Tall Bookcases will just render you with duplicates in the menu.)

Mods used in my screenshots:
• PreWar Books Retexture