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This mod adds the Rock-It Launcher and Rock-It Launcher backpack from Fallout 3 to Fallout 4.

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This mod adds the Rock-It Launcher and Rock-It Launcher backpack from Fallout 3 to Fallout 4.


  • Faithfully recreated Fallout 3-style Rock-It Launcher
  • Adds the Fallout 3-style backpack to accompany the Rock-It Launcher, which will be equipped any time you equip the Rock-It Launcher, same as Fallout 3
  • Adds Rock-It Launcher schematics that teach you how to craft the weapon at a Chemistry Workbench. These can be found in the world, or purchased from vendors.
    There are 4 spawns: one can be purchased from Myrna in Diamond City, one can be purchased from Cricket, one can be found at the top of the main structure in Libertalia, and one can be found inside the Vault 111 Cryolator case
  • Collecting a duplicate schematic increases the Rock-It Launcher's damage by 10%, with a maximum of +20% damage
  • Adds 7 new junk items to Fallout 4:
    Brick, Conductor, Firehose Nozzle, Fission Battery, Vacuum Cleaner, Leaf Blower and Wood Chipper. These can be found randomly in the world or on vendors, and are components for crafting the Rock-It Launcher and its mods (and naturally they can also be used as ammo). Myrna also has one of each component in her shop inventory, if you are having trouble locating them.
  • 61 animations that span first person, third person, and Power Armor, including 9 new animations I created specifically for the Rock-It Launcher (since Super Mutants cannot use the Rock-It Launcher, those animations are not included here)
  • 8 weapon mods, including 2 unique paint jobs with unique textures (Electrosux 3000 and General Atomics)

There is 1 version of the files:

  • Option 1 - Integrated: Adds 4 Rock-It Launcher schematics to various vendors/locations, which will then allow you to craft the Rock-It Launcher. Also adds 7 junk items to containers/loot/vendors, some of which are components for the Rock-It Launcher and its mods.

Note: F4SE is required for the backpack to appear on you while you are inside Power Armor. If you don't have F4SE, the backpack will not equip to you in Power Armor.

Known Issues:

  • While not actually a bug or issue, the Leaf Blower and Wood Chipper sharing the same model is a quirk I intentionally carried over from Fallout 3.
  • Projectiles occasionally becoming frozen in the air is a vanilla Fallout 4 issue and not to do with this mod.
  • When reloading the Rock-It Launcher, the transfer menu shows the name 'Junk Jet'. This is visual only and does not affect gameplay.
  • XBOX ONLY: Since Xbox does not have F4SE, the Rock-It Launcher backpack will unfortunately not display when wearing Power Armor.

Bug reports containing these known issues will be removed.


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Special Thanks:
HcGxGrill: For prior permission to use his Injection Scripts.
TheFriedturkey: For prior permission to use/edit his Lawn Mower Blade, Flamer Fuel and Traffic Cone.

Some of the outfits in the screenshots are from the Capital Wasteland Outfit Pack Part II mod, made by TheFriedTurkey and HcGxGrill.
The teddy bear in the screenshots is from Fallout 4 - Point Lookout.