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This mod adds Fallout 3 style Plasma Grenades and Mines to Fallout 4. Available as either a replacer or as separate weapons.

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This mod adds Fallout 3 style Plasma Grenades and Mines to Fallout 4.

There are 2 variations of the files, along with 1 optional file:

  • Option 1 - Replacer: Replaces all Fallout 4 Plasma Grenades and Mines with the Classic version. No .esp required. 
  • Option 2 - Intergrated: Adds Classic Plasma Grenades and Mines to Fallout 4, leaving Vanilla Fallout 4 Plasma Grenades/Mines unchanged. These will all appear at vendors and in loot lists, and the Classic Plasma Mines/Grenades are also craftable. Classic Plasma Grenades will also create a small plasma impact effect when they hit objects, similar to Fallout 3. Includes .esp.

  • Optional File: This is a tiny .esp that will add small plasma impacts to Plasma Grenades when they collide with objects, similar to how they worked in Fallout 3. This is included by default in the 'Integrated' files, so only use this .esp if you are using the 'Replacer' files and you also want the plasma impacts.


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Special Thanks:
HcGxGrill - For helping me get the Grenades/Mines into leveled lists, and for the injector script.
TheFriedTurkey - For helpful critique and tips for my models/textures.