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Pulls the teeth out of the cell reset bug!

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~Cell Reset Workaround Patch~

#####   UPDATE  #####
The cell reset bug has finally been officially patched - I updated the version number on the mod so that people will know something has changed, but all I'm going to do is take down the mod zipfiles.

For anybody using the workaround, it is perfectly safe to continue using the mod, however if you wish to remove it, empty out your containers before uninstalling the mod, and the original vanilla containers should be back (assuming you didn't scrap them) once you restart the game.


As we all know at this point, the cell reset bug is a problem - after doing some research and a bit of testing, we found that settlement containers with the "respawns" flag removed were not affected by the bug, in the same way that player-made containers are generally immune.

I've written a new mini-mod that clones all of the containers in settlements, removes the respawn flag from the cloned containers, and then replaces -ONLY- the containers in settlements with these new clones.  All of the containers out in the wild should continue to behave as normal, and all but one of the new containers should be scrappable (but not buildable yet).  All told, there were nearly 700 containers replaced, and it took me all night to put together.   :-)

I'm hoping that this patch will put a good solid kick in the rear to the Cell Reset bug - please give it a download and let me know what you find.  Unfortunately, I will not be back online until later tonight (12/23/15), so I likely won't be able to do any tweaking on it until then. 

WARNING: Move all your belongings over to a freshly-built container BEFORE installing this mod - I do not know how gracefully the game will handle a container with all of your stuff in it suddenly being replaced by a clone, and I do not want you to lose all your stuff just because you're trying not to lose all your stuff. (god, I sound like the institute).  Obviously, new games should not be affected, and with any luck would be insulated from ever having to experience the bug.

This mod does NOT replace my Buildable Power Armor Frames mod, it just addresses a separate issue in the cell resets - these two mods are designed to work together (along with the sprintfix installer) to address the three primary symptoms of the bug.  Additionally, none of these mods actually ~fix~ the cell reset bug, they only stop it from doing any damage.

To address the "sprint bug" in bugged worldspace cells, add the following line to your Fallout4.ini or Fallout4Prefs.ini under the [Gameplay] section:


Or go to our downloads tab under options and download our FOMOD installer for SprintFix. The FOMOD will add the line to your ini.

For further cell-reset bugproofing, you can install my Buildable Power Armor Frames mod - it will let you trade in your power armor frames for new ones that are usually unaffected by the bug.

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