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This mod adds 9 new combat stims to the game for late-game use, with fully functional 1st person animations. They can be obtained from two boxes found in the institute that refresh every 24 hours and from the institute vendor for a hefty price. (Update - Added more stims to new locations check changelog)

Permissions and credits
Med Tek Stimulants' design is very reminiscent of Tarkov, so many of their effects are based on Tarkov's mechanics. 

Painkiller Effect - This effect restores your crippled limbs a small amount and prevents them from being crippled again for a short period of time. Great for getting your mobility back to avoid gunfire.

Side Effect - A Side Effect of a given Stimulant, when mentioned in this mod, is a secondary effect that occurs after the Buffs wear off and can last for varying amounts of time based on the Stimulant. I wanted to avoid using the addiction mechanic since it doesn't fit the theme of the stimulants, so Side Effects are my take on an alternative.


1. Med X Stim - This is the most basic Stimulant. It gives the user The Painkiller Effect and 15 Damage Resistance, which is less than vanilla Med X gives but lasts for 300 seconds. The downside to this Stim is a great deal of dehydration for survival players.

2. Med X Regenerative Stim - For anyone who plays Tarkov, this would be your Propital. It adds The Painkiller Effect while giving 20 damage resistance and a heal over time of 0.5 for 300 seconds. It comes with a Side Effect of Tunnel Vision, which makes it difficult for the user to see, achieved by darkening the screen and increasing hip fire spray. It also causes dehydration.

3. E-MT Regenerative Stim - This gives you +6 health per second for the 60s, giving you a healthy amount of healing in the middle of a firefight where you're not trying to heal in the middle of it as well as giving you 3 END for 60s with a Side Effect of -10 HP and -1 END and making the player dehydrated.

4. MT-P22 Stim - Reduces incoming damage by 20%, gives +3 END, fortifies health +30, and increases accuracy for 60 seconds with a Side Effect of dehydration and -1 END.

5. MT-K-14 Stim - +3 PER +1 STR +1 LCK and +10 AP Regen. Side Effects of dehydration and Increased Weapon Spray.

6. MT-6 Stim - This is a personal favorite since, after taking it, you can run for what feels like forever! +20 AP Regen, Fortify AP +40, 50% Reduced Sprint Cost. Side Effect Increased Weapon Spray as well as pretty severe tunnel vision.

7. MT-1 Stim - +4 STR +4 END negative effect is dehydration.

8. Orderlys Stim - +2 CHR, +1 END, +1 STR, AP Regen +5. This Stim has a 25% chance of each of the following negative effects, meaning the user could end up with all three of them, none of them, or any combination of them: -3 INT, -2 PER, or increase incoming damage by 20%. It also causes dehydration.

9. MULE - Increase Carry Weight +100, but the player will take 20% more damage, and using will cause dehydration.


Q: Will you add more stims from Tarkov?
A: Yes, I do plan on doing an update further in the future to add some new textures as well as some new stims

Q: Will you make a patch for MAIM?
A: I might end up making a patch if Eclix has absolutely no desire, but I am hoping Eclix wants to implement it into the base of MAIM

Q: Why are there no third-person animations?
A: I am not an animator, but if someone wants to make an animation for it, I am more than willing to add it to the mod :)


AidanWatts3D - Models and Textures (genuinely excellent to work with)
eclix - Help with all the magical effects
DaltonTheWarlock - Helping with testing as well as editing the meshes for animations. Overall a super great friend who has kept me sane through this process
MrLameGaming - For the incredible reanimated stimpak resource, I used and edited for the Stimulants
Msalaba - For pretty much all the scripts and help with them
meysamkhr - for their awesome agony mod, and I was able to figure out how even to do the animations