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A healthy mix of erosion, molerats and exploding bugs have made an interconnected underground accessible to the average wastelander. Travel from the Glowing Sea to the eastern coast without seeing the sun.

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The Tunnels

Hey you! Get lost!
In a network of tunnels stretching from the Glowing Sea to the eastern coast

Some were created due to erosion, some were caused by molerats.
Or  maybe it was one of those exploding mirelurks.

A dozen entrances are scattered around the western and northern commonwealth.
Some can be accessed easily, some are hidden in plain sight.


A huge amount of tunnels and caves with a unique variation of fauna and flora.
Each tunnel segment has a unique theme so navigation gets a bit easier.
Of course you might stumble upon old cellars and whatnot.
The more closer you get to the glowing sea the more dangerous it gets

The Molerat Tunnels
Pretty Basic Tunnels but also dark
Amber Tunnels
Well lit tunnels that are nice to navigate
Blue Caves
A blue fungus lights the tunnels. Cavelurks love this place
Rad Tunnels
Dimly lit by green plants. There's some special construction there.
Glowing Hell
Unstable Tunnels
They are below the Glowing Sea. Hardly anything can survive there.
Underwater Caves
Get a diving suit
Damp Caverns
A blue fungus creates pools lof light. A smart sea creature has adapted to use
Mirelurks as kind of farm animals

Flora and Fauna

A lot of flora is passive. Some spits out gas or just lightens the surrounding areas.
Some you can harvest. Don't worry as they glow most of the times.

Blastberry: Makes a good grenade. Rarely explodes when being picked up
Cave Flower: Reduces your health. But reduces your rads way more
Energetic Mushroom: Gives you extreme energy resistance for a short time
Really unnoticeable Mushroom: It's the dullest thing really.
Water Rose: You can breathe underwater for some time

The fauna constist of unique variations along with one new type of animal.
Some special enemies do explode or give you metals they have eaten.

Other items let you shoot lightning or make you unnoticeable to Mirelurks.
Well you can find out yourself.

Further Infos

Most of them have map markers outside.

All of them are connected. But one connection is one-way only.

There are primitive player homes but no workshops.

You can take companions with you but due to the uneven terrain
they will have problems following you all the time

Some sections will be confusing but for the most part there are no significant dead ends.

There is stuff to discover. But this is not a huge lore or quest addition.

Where to start

Walk around the railways near Tenpines Bluff
Or you know there was something related to this. Near a garage with a dog


This should be compatibe with 99% of all things.
It adds some cave entrances in the vanilla world but the rest is standalone.


Models and Textures

Squids by M150s Abominations