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Adds a new enemy faction to the Commonwealth - New foes, new weapons, new threats, plus a new follower!

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Alien Invaders in the Commonwealth.


The Zetans have landed. An aggressive alien species, determined to wipe out mankind and take the Earth for their own, have come to the Commonwealth.

What's in the Mod?

New foes -
This isn't a single crippled alien huddled in a cave, this is the full might of the Zetan intergalactic war machine. You can expect to face:

- Zetan Grunts - Lightly armoured, armed with a blaster pistol.

- Zetan Soldiers - Equipped with heavier armour and Zetan Pulse Rifles, these are the mainstay of the Zetan force.

- Zetan Commandos - The best of the best. The finest armour, more dangerous rifle variants and stealth cloaking technology!

- Zetan Rocket Troopers - Fitted with low-altitude jet packs and dual pistols, they're quick and dangerous.

- Zetan Overlords - The leaders and field commanders. Guarded by floating weapons drones, some have been said to possess telekinetic powers.

- Froggo slaves - The Zetans are not above the use of disposable slaves if it means they don't have to put themselves in danger. Spawned by the dozen and sent into battle with cheap weaponry, they're weak individually but are dangerous in groups.

- Froggo Brood Spawners - Encased in armoured walkers, these poor aliens only role seems to be the spawning of Froggo slaves, only for them to be catapulted into combat. If threatened they can defend themselves with bio-acid cannons.

- Attack UFO - Armed with rapid firing alien blasters, don't forget your rocket launchers!

- Transport UFO - Extremely hazardous - Heavily armoured, if it gets into range it will teleport a squad of Zetan Soldiers right on top of you, approach with caution!

New weapons - 
- Zetan Pulse Rifle - Standard armament for Zetan Soldiers. Comes with semi - or fully automatic receivers, scopes, short, long, shotgun, sniper and lock-on needle barrels! This is alien technology though, so you'll need to max out your science if you want to modify it!

- AE9 Pistol - The Zetans aren't about to waste good weaponry on their disposable Froggo slaves. Instead they replicated (relatively) unsophisticated Earth technology for mass production. The result - the AE9 Pistol. This little gun can have a big kick if you're willing to risk it.


Frogbert the Froggo Companion.

Where is he?
Concord Speakeasy Basement, also don't forget to check his dufflebag in the middle of the room, it contains all his stuff!

Authors note:

- Please be aware of a few things about Frogbert:

-I have never made a follower before, it's new ground for me and he is the result of following an (admittedly excellent) Youtube guide. As a result if something doesn't work, I will have very little idea of how to fix it, but nothing came up during testing! 

- Like the other Froggos, Frogbert is based upon the the FO4 aliens, who weren't designed to do much more than sit in a cave and get shot. As a result, Frogbert can only use pistols, but they will always look funky in his hands. Plus they will also be small, as he is a much scaled down actor. As a result he is armed (by default) with an oversized alien blaster.

- He is set as 'Protected' but has no bleedout animation, so when he takes too much damage he will just stand and be un-commandable until he's 'back on his feet'. 

- He has no crouch/stealth animation, but he is flagged to not affect your stealth meter.

- As ever, I make no apologies for my voice acting. Player voices achieved using VA Synth 2, an excellent if fiddly tool.

- I've also had a report of incompatibility with Sim Settlements 2, no idea why that would be the case but I guess that's just the joy of mods. If you don't want to risk it/have issues, revert back to Version 1.0.


Where are they?
- Scattered around the Commonwealth, but not in interiors.  

They sound silly!
- I'm aware.

They're too hard/weapons are OP!
- Yeah, balance may have gone out of the window, but they are extra terrestrials with advanced technology, it was never going to be easy!

Any chance of a quest mod?
- Probably not from me, but get in touch if you want to have a go.

Has this got anything to do with Project Zeta?
- No, but that mod is a fantastic recreation of the Zetans as the appeared in Fallout 3. This mod is more an expansion of the Zetans as they appear in Fallout 4.

Is this compatible with XYZ mod?
- No idea, give it a go and see. This mod will edit the cells where the Zetans spawn and the 'Alien' race, but that's about it, the rest are new editions.