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An overhaul to how Lockpicking works in Fallout 4, taking inspiration from TT/CRPGs. Yes, that means dice rolls.

Permissions and credits
Baka Auto-Lockpicking replaces Fallout 4's Lockpicking mini-game with invisible dice rolls. It's designed as an alternative to playing the mini-game a few hundred more times during a new playthrough, instead of installing a cheat mod that still requires the player to hold down the "turn lock" button a few thousand more times. It's highly configurable to suite any kind of playstyle, personal headcanon about how hard Lockpicking *should* be, or to act as a replacement for a cheat mod that requires the player to hold down the "turn lock" button a few million times.

How does it work?
Dice rolls.

What does that mean?
Fallout 4's Lock Levels (Novice, Advanced, Expert, and Master) have all been assigned a Difficulty Class, or DC for short.
DC in TT/CRPGs are a number that a player needs to either match or beat in order to do an action, like pick locks. By default, in the mod Novice locks have a DC of 8, Advanced locks are DC12, Expert locks are DC16, and Master locks are DC20. The player "rolls" a die with 20 sides when they pick a lock, and the number they get is their roll, so if you're trying to pick an Expert lock, you need to roll a 16 or higher out of a maximum of 20. Master locks with a DC of 20 can only be opened if the player rolls a 20. If you roll lower instead, you failed to pick the lock and will break a lockpick.

In the case of Expert and Master locks, you might notice there's only a 15% and 5% chance respectively of actually rolling those numbers and think that it's unfair. This is where modifiers come in- a modifier is simply a number you add to your roll before checking it against the DC of the lock to make the check easier. By default, you get +1 to every roll for every 2 points of Perception. Legendary armor that improves lockpicking gives you an additional bonus. Additionally, each rank of the Locksmith perk adds +1 to all of your rolls if you take them. At 10 Perception with all of the Perks, a Master lock only requires you to roll a 11 or higher. As a bonus, all of these numbers are customizable with the MCM if you think my attempts at balancing these mechanics are garbage.

Other Features
You can opt to show notifications displaying the results of each roll.
You can opt to disable lockpick breaking.
You can opt to disable lockpick perk requirements.
You can opt to disable lockpicking crime reporting.
You can opt to lockpick locks you already have the keys for.
You can opt to get keys for locks you lock pick.
You can opt to play detection events on lockpick successes and failures, to alert nearby enemies for a more challenging stealth experience.
Critical Failures (rolling a 1) cause the player to fall over, disabled by default.
Critical Successes (rolling the maximum) grant bonus XP, enabled by default.

Use a mod manager, or extract into the data folder.
It requires F4SE, Address Library for F4SE Plugins, and MCM Helper.

This mod shouldn't directly conflict with any others, it doesn't override any records or assets. Perk overhauls may want to adjust the default values of the settings, and lists of perks that are checked for things like Wax Key, Unbreakable, and the base bonus perks.

F4SE Plugin Source

A version of this mod also exists for Skyrim Special Edition!