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Fixes numerous texture sizing, coloration and specular errors, with the help of AI upscaling and other sources from around the Nexus.

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This will be included in My WABBAJACK list FUSION when it comes out of BETA. Please check it out if you haven't already!

Little pet project that has spent a lot of time being tweaked in various forms over the last few years on my hard drive. This is the compilation of textures that will give you the very best "bang for your buck". 

This is not a 4k/HD/Optimised etc overhaul. I think Bethesda actually did a pretty good job with Fallout 4s textures. The idea behind these textures is that you will hopefully never notice them. By that I mean they will not stand out for the wrong reasons like they did before.

A quick explanation on why you should pay less attention to mods that make everything 4k or HD. There is a thing called texel density. In simple terms its what makes textures in a game look consistent when 2 different sized meshes are in close proximity to each other. If the mesh is large (say that Fallons sign in the pictures) and the texture map is too small relative to the objects around it it will appear much lower resolution the closer you get. You can see this in effect if you look a the "F" in both the modded and vanilla images. They both look roughly the same, its only when you look at the letters closer to the camera the disparity becomes clearer to see.

The trouble when making everything "4k" is that it may not be the correct size for texel density. A 4k building will still look more blurred than a 4k lampshade.

This texture pack will merely fix all the worst offending vanilla uglies. It does this by resizing textures using AI to the correct size for their mesh. The source is either the HD DLC if there is an appreciable upgrade otherwise they are either remade or sourced from another pack (with open perms) and tweaked by me.  

This pack also includes some texture edits from the Nexus:

Many thanks for the efforts of these mod authors and for sharing their creations freely. I have included them in this archive simply as a matter of convenience. If you like what you see, please take the time to endorse their respective pages.

This file weighs in at just over 500mb with all the included textures packed into a BA2. It also includes relevant material files packaged alongside. It is designed to be used with all my other standalone texture edits either as a base, or as it is for the best GB/improvement experience.