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Fixes Bethesda's shoddy, non-existent alpha maps.

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Fixed Alpha Maps


This mod fixes the glitchy, and most likely forgotten alpha maps on the textures of some objects in the game.

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Install with Nexus Mod Manager, or drag and drop the files in your Fallout 4 Folder


Bethesda for Fallout 4.
Ousnius for Material editor:
Adobe for Photoshop.
Nvidia for the DDS Photoshop plugin:
Do not redistribute this mod anywhere.
Q: What is an alpha map?
A: An alpha map is what Bethesda uses for transparency on textures.

Q: Do you plan on making more?
A: Yes, as long as this keeps getting love, I plan on updating it.

Q: Why does the Vault rubber mat set have holes now?
A: For most cases in real life they do have holes. If you are still conflicted, and you need an immersion scientist to help i'll quote a post from Phoenix46, "Rubber is heavy, and the mats in the game are thick rubber, those holes are there for a reason. They're called lightening holes. They help keep the weight of the mat down without reducing function. Plus, if they didn't go all the way through they would hold anything that was spilled on them and make them a nightmare to clean."  (See example below)