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A small military bunker under Wicked Shipping Fleet Lockup that comes with some serious goodies, as Sturges would say. Functions as a workshop, send your people there, comes with a custom power armour paint job and a camo hazmat suit. Other functionality available, too!

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Mod adds a small bunker (using the Prydwen architecture) under Wicked Shipping Fleet Lockup. It works as a player settlement so you can assign supply lines, send settlers and companions there and build and furnish it. It also has a lot of other useful features.

A massive, massive thanks to CaptainUltima, without whom this mod would not be out at all and it wouldn't be nearly as amazing as it is. He helped me with all of the cool functionality, made the custom camo paints and generally stopped me from scrapping it all and giving up.


• DLCRobot.esm
• DLCworkshop01.esm
• DLCCoast.esm
• DLCworkshop02.esm
• DLCworkshop03.esm
• DLCNukaWorld.esm



The bunker itself is very small, with a small office/surveillance station, a kitchen, a small sleeping corner, an armoury and workshop.


The entrance room has a terminal to unlock and lock the bunker door

- Decontamination shower to remove rads
- Fridge will (eventually xD ) turn drinks cold
- Change your appearance with the mirror in the bathroom
- Custom weapon racks
- Armour mannequins
- Bed gives the usual well rested / romance buffs
- All common workbenches from cooking to armour
- Terminal to play holotapes with
- Tons of safe, custom storage


When you first activate the workbench the workshop will become yours. 
You can scrap some of the rubble in the first, entrance room and build your own stuff there
Most of the stuff in the main room are not scrappable.
You can send your companions and settlers here and set supply lines. Supply lines are not visible on the map but it will still be active.


Comes with a custom T-60 power armour, read the magazine on the desk to unlock the paint job for all vanilla power armours.
There  is also a unique hazmat suit with a cool camo texture. Find one at the armoury and craft more under UTILITY in the chemistry workbench after reading the magazine (same one that unlocks the PA paints)

See the screenshot gallery and the attached video for more details!



Fridge, decon shower and terminal functionality, workshop setup, power armour paint, hazmat suit and additional files by CaptainUltima
MRE's and small workbenches by fadingsignal
Fallout 3 and 76 props by RyceKaeks
for the coffee mug mesh
kingtobbe for the closed Stealth Boy
nekromorphs for the medbin assets
pra for the suitcase terminal
eyeshkeeper for the backpack mesh

We'd like to point out none of this was ripped from other Fallout games. All the assets are recreations or made using Fallout 4 assets.

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