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Small program that automates the process of replacing an existing radio station or simply certain songs you wish to replace on a radio station and creating a NMM compatible mod in just a few clicks of the mouse! This program does all the work for you other than choosing the music you want to hear!

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Behold!  The Fallout 4 Music Replacer 2.0 VR compatible!

*** Version 2.0 Finally Released! ***

Due to continuing health issues, numerous surgeries and occasionally nearly dying more times than I can remember this update was long delayed.
I am working on recovering now and finally managed to get back to finish this version!  My apologies for the long delay and I hope you all find this new version even more useful than the first version and that it adds enjoyment to your gameplay!

New version features:

  • Now using 7zip to compress the created mod file instead of Windows Built In tools which should eliminate any issues with not being able to generate a Mod file. The Windows .Net Zip functions were buggy as hell... This seems to be so much more reliable and even easier to program.
  • Added the ability to choose individual songs to replace instead of having to replace all the songs on your chosen station. Now you can just replace the songs you hate or are tired of hearing.
  • New interface. This one is actually designed to be user friendly! (First version was mostly for me and I decided to share so not a lot of design done lol)
  • Ability to open the folder containing all your created music mods from apps welcome screen. Simply hit that button. Choose your created Mod and drag and drop into Vortex or other drag and drop compatible Mod Manager. Then enable and whatnot as you would any Mod from your manager.
  • Added "Help" and "About" buttons.  Help basically just tells you the same instructions from below and about just tells you other quazi useful things about creator.
  • Reworked a fair amount of background code to eliminate a few bugs that bugged me, but no one ever mentioned so maybe just bugged me??
  • Fully VR compatible!!  Granted so was the first version as VR didn't change anything when it came to radio stations, but I'll add this so anyone with VR will know it will work for you too! 

What does it do?

With this application you will be able to completely replace the existing music or just select songs on any of the three major Radio Stations within the game.

Stations are:

  1. Classical Radio (The Institute) - 29 Songs

  2. Diamond City Radio – 38 Songs

  3. Radio Freedom (The Minutemen) – 11 Songs

You can convert from various popular music and video files.

What ones you ask?  

Music Files: mp3, m4a, ogg, wav, flac, wma

Video Files: mp4, flv, avi

*** Warning *** However, please note that unless you are the copyright holder (or it is free from current copyright i.e. Public Domain) of the music or audio material  you choose to replace a station with uploading copyrighted materials (music mods) to Nexus Mods is against Nexus Mods ToS and can get you in trouble with the site and/or sued into Oblivion (also a great game, but not in this case) by the RIAA, CRIA, IFPI, and any other number of letter arrangements representing various recording industries around the world. 

Overall it is quite simple…

First you have to unzip the application to someplace on your computer.  
This will give you the application and folders named bin, temp, and output.  
The bin folder holds the ffmpeg and xWMAEncode files used to convert the files.  
These are not made by me and are free tools from Microsoft and ffmpeg.  

Now how to create!

To customize a station: 

1) Choose the station from those listed on first screen 

2) Choose "All Songs" to replace the entire station or "Only Selected Songs" to replace one or more songs you don't like on that station. 

3) The next screen will show you the Existing Radio Station in the top table.  The songs in this table are the ones you will be replacing.  This can be anything from 1 song for "Only Selected Songs" to 38 songs in the case of Diamond City Radio. 

Diamond City Radio 38 Songs
Classical (The Institute) 29 Songs
Radio Freedom (The Minutemen) 11 Songs

4) Click on the "Add Custom Songs"button.  Then select one or more songs from any location on your computer or external drive.  The software will convert many common file types such as MP3, ACC, FLV, MP4, etc...If you add too many not all your chosen songs will be added to the bottom table and a message will appear telling you you chose too many songs.   

5) You can remove certain songs from the bottom table by selecting the song and clicking the "Remove Selected Songs" button.  You can then re-add different songs to take their place. 

6) Above the bottom table it will tell you how many songs you have chosen and how many more you need to choose.  For example 1 of 11 songs means you have chosen one song so far and need to choose 11 more to replace all the selected songs. When it says 11 of 11 you are down and ready to create the station

**Note** It is possible to create the mod without choosing all the songs.  In this case you will replace only the amount of songs you chose songs for in order. For example if you chose 4 of 11 songs only the first 4 songs of the station will be replaced and the rest will remain original to that station. 

7) Click "Create NMM Compatible Mod".  This will convert all the songs you chose and rename them to match the selected radio songs you wish to replace.  You will see empty black windows pop up as it converts.  There will be two window pop-ups per song.  The first converts the audio to WAV format and the second converts to XWM format which is used in game.  Lastly there will be one more pop-up window for the creation of the 7Zip container the mod will use. 

8) You can click"Open Music Replacer Mod Dir" to open the directory the Mod was created in.  This will be the Fallout 4 Music Replacer's "Output" directory in the programs main directory.  This is just a easy way to access it. 

9) Click "Done" when finished.  This will take you back to the window where you can choose to create another radio station mod. You can create another or
just choose "Quit" to end the program.

10) As long as there was no errors you should have a working mod file now.  You can install this manually or with a mod manager like Nexus Mod Manager or Vortex. The easiest way is to click "Open Music Replacer Mod Dir" and drag and drop the zip file to Vortex or any drag and drop compatible mod manager. Then installing and enabling it through that mod manager.


Station has dead air or only announcers talking and no music

If after enabling the mod you are like me and the newer NMM versions (currently 0.61.4) doesn’t like you, then you may encounter just dead air or only the announcer talking instead of your music. In this case you will have to install manually. 

Simply extract the Data folder in the zip to the fallout 4 folder:

..\steamapps\common\Fallout 4\

I don’t know why this is happening, but I’m sure it will be fixed in time for those of us experiencing it. 

Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.2 or higher.

***** NOTE *****

This software is provided as is..  I guarantee nothing!  It has worked fine for me in various dirs all over my system, but I am it’s creator and it knows not to offend me!!!  If it did it would be forced to NARFTLE THE GARTHOK!  (Coneheads... watch it... laugh...)

If it somehow deletes your system, blows up your computer, sets fire to your home, steals your girlfriend/boyfriend, becomes Skynet or causes you to be probed by E.T. I cannot be held responsible…  

That said I doubt any of that will happen, but best to put it out there just in case.  In the past I’ve been a consultant and have seen many systems on their last legs and then be blamed for said system dying after barely getting a chance to even look at it as the customer turned it on.


“Nothing… I just got here and you turned it on… I haven’t even touched it yet.”

“I SUE YOU!!!”

“I literally just got here and haven’t even looked at it yet.”


So yeah… Use at your own risk and don’t blame me if lightning strikes and your car runs out of gas. lol