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Zimeon had a minigun & .38 pipe gun with the legendary effect Explosive for some time and he very recently got an explosive double barrel shotgun.

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This game save has multiple explosive weapons which will work with no mod installed (vanilla GotY, perhaps even with no DLC). Saving the game with any missing or inactive from the mod-list (see tab DOCS) may be problematic; see the paragraph about mods (currently 2nd) for more details.

DynV's character, named Zimeon, had a minigun & .38 pipe explosive gun with the legendary effect Explosive for some time and he very recently got an explosive double barrel-shotgun[, later he got: combat rifle, hunting rifle, radium rifle & pipe revolver*]. Zimeon had for related perks Commando rank 5, Demolition Expert rank 4, no Heavy Gunner rank [5, Concentrated Fire, and Steady Aim] neither Rifleman [and Gunsligner rank 2 (for western & pipe revolver)]. Zimeon's home is Taffington Boathouse, in its file cabinet are the legendary items I foresee he won't use, and in the footlocker items I think he won't sell. There should be at least 1 text file in every archive (.7z) which might answer some questions.
Weapons of note (beside the favorite ones):
  • Crippling
  • Deadeye
  • Explosive
  • Kneecaper
  • Staggering
  • Two Shot
  • Wounding
  • Overseer's Guardian
  • The Inquisitor
  • Thin Man; see how to make ammo here (currently in FAQ)
  • The Problem Solver
Armor of note (beside the donned default one):
  • Charisma-increasing kit: Sharp arms & chest piece, "Armored Fancy plaid suit & tie, Insulated", Black-rim glasses, Destroyer's Helmet.
  • Poison-resistant kit: Poisoner's arm & legs.
  • Radiation-resistant: Hazmat Suit.

With only GotY version, the game will handle the 3 [10] explosive guns as it would should everything in the modlist (in the documentation tab) be activated. The game might also work with no DLC enabled, but I couldn't test. If loading the game without "Gatling Laser Ammo Fix 4.0.0a" (or more recent) and the equipped weapon is Gatling laser, one should switch to melee or a weapon with different ammunition then back to the Gatling laser, otherwise one won't be able to load ammo in it, since at the time of the save it used PD Core (switching back put a plain core in). To be the same as the system that created this save file PAMAP 2.21 - Vanilla all DLCs should be installed by choosing the folder Vanilla then its sub-folder All DLC, as can be seen here. PAMAP require a patch to work with MPAM, patch that need to be in lower priority than--both--mods (below both in MO2 (works for FO4 in addition to Skyrim) as can be see here). Note that the vast majority of settlement defenses are powered by Power Substation, which require the mod David Hunter - Part 2 V2.5. A reminder Maxwell's World description mention
Make SURE your game has the ability to load loose files. If it isn't already, in your Fallout4.ini file, make sure you have bInvalidateOlderFiles=1 under the [Archive] section.
so you'll have to modify the file accordingly should it not already be as required; if one uses MO2, s/he'll need to modify MO2s one (through its GUI or a sub-folder of "%LocalAppData%\ModOrganizer\Fallout 4\profiles\"). I took a hiatus of Maxwell's World as mentioned in Zimeon's Journal (Pipboy > INV > MISC), which I returned to (directly after L227 was saved) but even though there's multiple enjoyable aspects of the mod, I reverted (to L227) and have no intention to return

[to add to modlist: Orphans of the Commonwealth 8.2 [Bunker Hill], V88Desks V3 [Assignable School Desks], Traits and More Perks - Beta4, Room Dividers 1.1a, Room Dividers Patched with Lowered Costs V1. to add to description: Traits and More Perks doesn't use a perk point when injecting a perk, to get rid of a point one can assign it to Strong Back then run player.removeperk 0004B24E (in the console for rank 1), a map of settlements: https://imgur.com/2b8a8DY ]
Important: If--any--mod active at the time the game was saved is inactive when loading it, it might introduce a bug (which should perpetuate in consecutive saves of that Zimeon) ; it might be an issue for the user, or not. Please consider that carefully before putting more than a couple hours from this save.

Since this game was started using the mod Another Life and Zimeon have neither been to Vault 111 nor Sanctuary Hills, I've classified this game save as Not lore-friendly content. As Thin Man ammo is expensive, if the target is close enough and there's sufficient vertical clearance to allow an arc, I think using a Fat Man would be better, especially with Big Boy. I love the winterized T-51 in the base 1st floor, there's more powerful ones but its defense / repair cost in unbeatable IMHO; one of my favorite things is roaming in it equipped with the favorite Gatling Laser (currently #6) and only using VATS to spot enemies. In PA, one may want to consider the quicker switch to Bare Hands (currently #2) as Tesla-modded bracers deals non-negligible damage. All settlers were recruited in the radiant quest Rogue Robot.

An archive of the description updates and other news is available at Mod description archive.
* 2 explosive weapons have common equivalents: For plain .45 ammo use, one may purchase Spray n' Pray instead of using the pipe revolver. The radium rifle is a free Kiloton Radium Rifle that enables avoiding joining Children of Atom just to purchase it.

Featured weapon gains:
  • Irradiated: 10mm, minigun.
  • Two Shot: 10mm, combat rifle, combat shotgun, plasma gun.
  • Wounding: combat shotgun, flamer, hammer, laser gun.
Optional saves

Currently all of them could be made as a release of the main one, should I not be limiting the releases to status or events that stand out for this character; a note in their description should be reflecting this.

I will be RPing that when I talked to Valentine, he let my PC know some dead guy found with a note on his Pipboy (just as my PC can using Journal of the Sole Survivor - 1.1) that his son was kidnapped by the institute with the help of a mercenary somewhat looking like
. Valentine suggesting taking that case could help with the institute problem that's plaguing the Commonwealth and that a mercenary like that usually have a good amount of caps should the kidnapping want to be avenged.
PS: You can see here that my PC did skip everything up to Unlikely Valentine.

Plan to add the following to the TODO journal after the vanilla Nuka-World companion has followed: After getting
perk, get Sam Bennett (The Code) to follow again.

As Zimeon is BoS (member of), and that Nuka-World Reborn (NWR) trader quest is
, a player might not want to do so if they like to RP not doing anything to antagonize any BoS. Please note that NWR BoS are opposed to the vanilla BoS faction, actually want to
, so they might want go ahead (do the NWR trader quest).
There was not enough space left in the file description to insert the following: Have > 3 explosive weapons.