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Simple edit which adds glowmaps to the children of atom banners

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Seriously this cult has glowing pis liquid in jars sitting around everywhere, hanging up in corners and lighting their shops, not one of them thought to paint their banners with it? Atom would be disappointed! Do not fail him any longer, let Atom's glow into you (and onto your walls!) 

Comes in three versions:

Dim - Subtle and most immersive, not noticeable in daylight, great with lighting mods such as Darker Nights and ELFX
Medium - Recommended - Nice compromise, somewhat visible in daylight, I personally prefer this one.
Bright - Glow is VERY visible in daylight, enough glow for any situation, almost too much glow (slightly immersion breaking).

Optional Mod:

Children of Atom Decorations Unlocked - Gives access to CoA Banners and Bulbs from the moment you can use the workshop


Made using B.A.E., Material Editor

Directly Inspired by mm137's Glowing Children of Atom Armor

HUGE thanks to Diranar's Glowmap Tutorial