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Adds some of the New Vegas companions into Fallout 4.

Permissions and credits
Project Mojave is required for this mod.
However, please note I am in no way associated with the Project Mojave/Capital Wasteland team.

No voice files are included in the Nexus download.

A separate download link containing the voices for this mod will be available in the description of the video linked below.

This mod brings some of the New Vegas companions to Fallout 4, they can all be found in various locations throughout the Mojave Wasteland.

Arcade Gannon - Mojave Outpost

Raul Tejada - Nevada Highway Patrol Station

Rose of Sharon Cassidy - Mojave Outpost

Veronica Santangelo - Mojave Drive-In

They all have full introductions, full follower and combat dialogue and full settler functionality.
They have no affinity as they lack the dialogue to implement it.
Also includes fully voiced Player dialogue.

Boone is not included as a follower due to difficulties making his dialogue work. However, following one of his potential endings from New Vegas, he is present in the mod. He can be found in one of the abandoned Nipton homes.

Known Issues

· Rejecting Raul will cause his conversation to loop until the Player hires him for the first time. This is because I haven't set up anywhere else for Raul to go if the Player says no.

radbeetle for the use of their Followers of the Apocalypse Lab Coat
Foedawg for the use of their NCR 1st Recon Beret
SatansFetusLegs for the use of their Petro Chico Jumpsuit
RazorWolfz for their Cass and Veronica presets which I modified
medlirezor for their Arcade Gannon preset which I modified
JashFTW for helping me fix an issue with Raul's appearance