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New settlement location with a castle theme.

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So the story goes like this.....
Many years ago before the bombs fell....
A quite rich man and founder of the Corvega brand had a dream.
This man had a passion for anything medieval or anything resembling it..
One day went to a meeting at the old Parson's state insane asylum to talk about the condition of a relative but the head doctor wasnt there and he had to wait a couple of hours till he returned. So he decided to take a walk around the area that was quite beautiful.
On his little "trek" he stumbled upon something he fell in love with  and like all rich men with money to burn HAD TO HAVE IT !!!.
Well guess what that was ?....Yes you guessed it..It was the Lynn wood's Tower...
Well since this was something one cannot just take...He decided to make his own replica.
He called on historians and architects to start his little project.
Where to build it was the first issue and a solution was found very fast because behind the Corvega assembly plant was natural underground spring that formed a small pond that was perfect for his dream to be placed.
He even added to it so it can be used as his little private sanctuary.
It was almost complete and then.......the bombs fell.
Many years later the great great grandchildren of this man found a letter. Well it was more like a last request  .
Basically it stated that anyone that finishes the tower can have it as long as they stick to the original plans.
Well the tower was finished but the owners could not stay and take care of it because the chaos was getting worse day by day  and they wanted to flee to a safer place.
So they called the only people that looked like they want to bring back law and order and rebuild the commonwealth....The Minutemen.
Now my dear friends the keys are being handed over to you.
Take care of this gem...Its your duty.
So thats the story :P
About this location...
Its located a stated above ..behind the Corvega plant outside of Lexington.
The theme is a castle type build surrounded by rock walls etc.
The whole idea was to keep it as low tech as possible without any modern conveniences  and give it a true medieval feel. I think i achieved just that.
The build area is basically one huge square that also includes the Jalbert Brothers Disposal.
It also includes a corner of the Corvega building which was unavoidable because that cell includes half of the pond and this also causes a small issue. That issue is that vendors dont work (at least the vanilla vendors i test with). You place vendor stalls and assign the just fine but they wont respond as vendors ( clinics work though which is weird) This issue only covers  a small area  which is marked in the pics ive uploaded.Note the area is still buildable like the rest.
For those that want to know why..Well its simple . Cells that belong to a specific location have certain keywords attached to them and in this case these cells are not able to work as settlements.If i edit the corvega data to add settlement options then it conflicts with The Overwatch settlement data and we get the dreaded Zero happiness bug.
So thats the only flaw to this perfect location and its minor compared to the vast build zone you get .
For some reason the Jalbert cells dont have this issue and im guessing that Corvega has other data involved as well since its so quest heavy which is another reason i didnt want to screw around with that location data.

Back on topic...
The location has a modified tower thats built into a large building that is a supposed home or barracks .
It has many small guard towers built onto the walls and all with placed assignable guard markers.
Ive also built  some small shelters and added some basic stalls.
Across the road the whole area is buildable with the exception of a tiny corner that belongs to corvega so dont put any vendors there but its still buildable like the rest.
On that side is also a farm  for your food needs.
Ive also given you a water and food gen located next to the Corvega building in a small maintenance shed.Power is available in many areas via a wall connector (gen)marked with a "danger" logo. Behind the tower is a beacon placed there so you dont place one in the corvega cell  and power close to it.
Next to the farm in the open area is a marker intended for vertibird users so you dont land inside the main walls.
None aside from what i mentioned above...
It was tested with both clean out of the vault saves and many dirty as well.
All aspects work as they should including moving NPC's and provisioner lines.
DO NOT  report issues about flickering/disappearing etc. especially if you are using a pre-vis fixer.Those mods DO NOT play well with location mods because they are generated based on vanilla data.This means ALL location mods that edit cells and have their own precomb and pre-vis data will conflict.
Recommended mods as usual are : "longer power lines","power everywhere" and "remove turret power requirement"
Also i highly recommended is "mutant menagerie" that adds ducks to the pond :P
Note : the bunk beds are for 2 npc's and can be crafted in the workshop if you want more . Also craftable are the guard markers .
Thats it....
If you like the mod please endorse and donations are more than welcome ;)  (also dont forget to vote if you think its worthy )
Ive also restarted my Patreon account more like another donation method..  My Patreon