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Hmmm  about me ?


Well ive been a gamer since the 80s from oldschool games at arcades and com64 till today...

I play mostly 1st person shooters but will play a 3rd person on occasion if its good enough.


Im born raised canadian from greek parents and moved to greece in the late 80s(not my choice )..

 Im what is called a "Jack of all trades" and have done many different jobs (mostly around building like elec/cian,painter,concrete  and even started doing some landscaping (yeah thats why i love tearing up the commonwealth :tongue: ) )

My last steady job of over 20 years was on-site tech support for a large I.T company here in greece.


Many of you heard of my problems here lately and why i had to stop modding for a couple of years and those are mainly the cause of unemployment  and terrible wages .

I did have a part time/summer job last couple of years which was Stage tech for a Sound and light crew but  due to covid i havent worked one day in 2 years (concerts werent allowed).


So when anyone chooses to donate ...know that its much needed and very much appreciated.


Alternative support donation method :       buymeacoffee.com/greekragek              





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