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Converts Sanctuary Area Raider settlements to Minute-Man Settlements and makes USAF Station Olivia a Minute-Man base.

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I like to make Mods that make the Commonwealth a nicer place to explore and interact with. What if instead of people becoming nasty and a bunch of Raiders, if they became nice, and a bunch of settlers instead?

I have modded a few small settlements around Sanctuary Hills area to become Minute-Man settlements. These include the shack and site office around Abernathy Farm, the US Forest Service shack, a small shack overlooking Sanctuary Hills, the hidden Shooting Range, the old homestead ruin between the lake and USAF Station Olivia, the house near Drumlin Diner and the railway line, a shack on a flat car to the west of Bedford Station and a small shack north of USAF Station Olivia. 

I've modified the bunker / block house near Drumlin Diner to be a Minute-Man outpost, and USAF Station Olivia to be a full on Minuteman base with first aid room, a diner area, dorm, hydroponic plant growing area, weapons room and more. Above ground I've added two small farms to grow food for the base.

I've tried to keep it all lore friendly, but there are some nice weapons and power armour in USAF Station Olivia. As to be expected in a small military base.

I have used generic in game objects only, and the mod should not require any DLCs. I have added map markers for most of the locations.

I use Autum Overhaul https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/26226  and  True Grass https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/23469 when I play, which is shown in the screenshots.