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I’m a lifelong gamer in just about every format – from board games, tabletop miniatures and pen-and-paper RPGs to consoles, pre-internet PC and modern online offerings, I’ve dabbled in them all. With decades of gaming behind me (and hopefully decades more ahead!) I dabble in doing video game reviews for Chalgyr's Game Room (https://chalgyr.com) and have gotten hooked on producing add-on content for the ‘Sim Settlements 2’ mod for Fallout 4 here on Nexusmods. My primary platform is Windows PC, and I compete with my young daughter for time on the family’s Nintendo Switch console.



By far my most-played games in the last few years are block builders like Space Engineers and strategy titles like the Total War series and various Paradox games. I devour business and political sim games when they release, and you’ll occasionally find me in city-builders or production-builders like Cities: Skylines, Factorio and Satisfactory.

I hope you enjoy the content I've been working to bring you, and look forward to continuing to roll out more in the coming months!

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