Fallout 4
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Small animation tweaks and fixes.

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Main file: 
- 3rd person reload sound fix for .44 pistol and submachine gun with and without PA
- Gatling laser 1st person idlegundown fix. It had unnecessary frame
- Broadsider, junk jet and gripheavy 3rd person additive single fire tweak
- Dedicated 1st person sprint for hand to hand in PA
 3rd person PA:
- Less intensive additive single fire and holding charge for minigun grip
- Handmade rifle, syringer pose fix
- Automatic fire rate fix for a number of weapons
- Sprint camera shake for rifle grip consistent with other grips
- Backward right direction fix (gun ready run):
Any weapon mod which has custom PA subgraphs will need to re-generate anim text data with grip anims from this mod being in data folder
3rd person:
- Dedicated grenade, mine throwing anims
- Automatic combat rifle\shotgun human npc's shooting down fix
- Combat rifle\shotgun, submachine gun, automatic 10mm pistol, assault rifle bolt\slide\handle moves during fire (non PA)
- Non PA backward right direction fix for shoulderfired grip (weapon ready run)
- Fixed left hand not moving properly during bolt charge for bolt action pipe rifle in power armor and npc's
- Fixed floating cartridges at the rear of the bolt action pipe weapons
- Removed player grunts during minigun's shredder attack in 3rd person, dps same as in 1st
- Handmade assault rifle: mag should appear when switching pov during reload
- Less camera shake for pain train perk
- Automatic gamma pistol: fixed moving weapon during fire in PA and batteries without PA

Mod support 3rd person non PA jetpack anims for vanilla weapons. You only need to copy anims in corresponding grip folders, animtext data already generated.
If you using jetpack mod which utilize jump anims, idle animation records needs to be removed.
Secret Service Armor Recreation has anims, but also contains animtext data. Make sure to load MiscAnimTweaks.esp after it.

Tactical Reload Vanilla Weapons won't need race records, only added keyword to weapons.

- Less head bobbing in power armor when weapon is holstered.
Changes PA camera in 1st person holstered animation to be the same as when weapon is out. Walk and sprint affected.