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Ever wondered what's the point of having all the custom hairstyles, eyes, hundreds of presets, when all you can do is only apply
it to yourself? Why bother doing all this when everyone else is still
going to look like half a ghoul and give you nightmares by just looking
at them?

Now you need to wonder no more!
With the Fallout Genetics patcher, everyone can look b-e-a-utiful by genetically
modifying their looks using all the preset files that you have so
painfully made and collected. Your experience with fallout will be
personalized by populating the wasteland with the people you like to
look at and its your choice that matters.

This mod aims to let you customize the wasteland by changing the looks of
EVERYONE in the game, even the starting player characters, by
distributing your collections of custom hairs, eyes, etc. throughout the
NPCs in the game.

Hello, I'm the person who tweaked this patcher. Both files have an issue that can cripple performance, but with mine you can fix this error very easily. Read the mod page thoroughly.

Moves where Fallout Genetics read preset files from to be more mod-manager friendly.
Fallout Genetics will no longer add a flag that prevents FaceGeom from being regenerated.

What does the mod do:
  1. All custom parts including eyes, hairstyles can now be distributed among
  2. everyone through the wasteland, even unique premade NPCs .
  3. The BIGGEST contribution of this mod is the genetics system that lets you
  4. modify everyone with your customized presets:  If you have a set of
    50-60 presets that you think are really good looking and that the
    characters in the game suck ass, then you can distribute those looks
    (looks menu morphs) to everyone and build everyone from the ground up
    and its almost guaranteed that everyone is going to look VERY different:
    The mod works by selecting two random presets from your collection and
    producing a child preset out of those and applying this preset to a game
    character. You only need ~50-60 presets to guarantee that almost
    everyone is going to be different.
  5. It preserves the aesthetics of the game by leaving the scars and unique
  6. textures for each NPC so they still have the original feel to them and
    can still make them look much better with custom looks.
  7. If you have installed other mods that change the way some characters look,
  8. this mod can skip those and only modify other vanilla looking

Overall this mod is a boss of a thing that you definitely need in the game if you don't want to gauge
your eyes out by looking at pathetic, dejected, homeless hobos in a
post apocalyptic world where everyone should most definitely have
perfectly styled hairs and beards /s

Installation (also for general UPF patcher):

1. Install z-edit made by matortheeternal, which is the successor of FO4Edit: z-edit
2. Download the Fallout Genetics Patcher and add it in your modules folder of z-edit
The modules folder should look like this:

while inside the falloutGeneticsPatcher should look like:
3. Start z-edit and click the settings wheel on the right top side
4. Select Unified Patching Framework from the left menu
5. Then click on Manage Patchers
and select Fallout Genetics Patcher from the left menu
6. Select your desired settings (Random seed is just any number between 1, 10000000)
7. Go back to Build Patches from the left menu and click the small blue build button, to the right of Fallout Genetics.esp
8. It takes some time to build the patch, so don't panic

Installing custom presets collections:
Take your preset collections and move the JSON files into

1. No seriously, how compatible is this?
This is a z-edit UPF patcher. Which means that it will look at your modlist
and build a customized patch for you. Which means that it will be
compatible with ANY mod that you have installed. The only downside
(which is not really a downside) is that you will have to build the
patcher again after deleting any mods from the list.
If you're using Azar's Ponytail Hairstyles with this, you're going to need my mesh fix to fix a potential Creation Kit crash.
2. What can break this?
Things which modify the human race and change its default structure.
3. Can I add female headparts to male and male headparts to female?
It will not break anything, just that everyone will have weird disconnects between their bodies and heads.

Known Bugs:
  1. Need to toggle the settings for them to get loaded correctly. Go to settings
  2. and toggle all settings, then set them to the desired values.
  3. Breaks FaceGeom for any NPC it touches, which causes a massive performance hit.

Credits for the presets:
, Face Presets Incomparable
mystolle, Picturesque Presets for LooksMenu [Only the ones that work]
UmbrellaCorp74, Shadgirl
ProtoTypeRaavyn, Fiendish Faces - LooksMenu Preset, Faces of the Nations - Male and Female - LooksMenu Preset
Bennzoor, Bennzoor's Male Face Presets (For LooksMenu) New Faces