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This adds the A-10 Warthog to the Commonwealth as a replacer to the original Stingray Air Support Mod. Comes with lots of BRRRRRT.

Permissions and credits
If you're looking for a lore-friendly mod, this is not for you

This mod is based on the original Stingray Air Support Mod by Undivide. As such, lots of credit to him, as this would mod would not be possible without it. Head over to the orginal Stingray Air Support mod, download it, and endorse it.

The aircraft models included in this mod are from Cerruti. Head over to his Discord "Goodfella Mods" for more awesome stuff.

New World Interactive for the A-10 sounds that we love.

Activision/Infinity Ward for the voiceover lines.

Assets are property of the above persons/organisations. Under no circumstances shall this mod/assets from this mod be used for profit or commision.

This adds the A-10 Warthog to the Commonwealth as a replacer to the original Stingray. 

This mod also makes changes to the original mod:

  • Narrowed bomb types to 1 only. You don't get a selection menu anymore. Just lob the flare and run.
  • Added sounds for the A-10. BRRRRRRRRRRRRT
  • Modified the attacks to be a 30mm barrage.
  • Custom explosions
  • Voiceovers
  • Added back XP for kills.

How to get/craft
Refer to the original mod. I made no changes to the original quest, or ways to obtain it.

If the settings Holotape does not appear for you, use the console command "player.additem xx011432" where xx is your plugin load order. Or find it in the lab, in one of the containers.
Alternatively, use "help a-10 4" to get a list of items that you can give yourself.

  1. Download this mod and installl. No pre-requisite required.


To replace the sounds/voiceovers with your custom ones, replace/overwrite the .wav files in "Sound\FX\Undivide\Stingray\Nuke" and 
."Sound\FX\Undivide\Stingray\Ready" and "Sound\FX\Undivide\Stingray\Flyby"