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A new futuristic armor inspired by the Predator movies.

Permissions and credits

• A new futuristic armor inspired by the Predator movies.

• You can craft it at the chemistry station under the X-03 Predator category.

• Can be upgraded at the workbench with a custom build ballistic weave that doesn't require the Railroad.

• The Helmet, Blades and Cannon are separate items and can be crafted individually.

• The armor has two versions one with a mechanical foot and one with boots.
The helmet has two versions also, one with a breather and one without.

• The Armor, Helmet, Blades, Cannon offer +2 Endurance, Perception, Strength and Agility respectively.

• The Armor features a Chameleon mod that can be turned on and off using the workbench
and provides invisibility when stationary and crouching.

• The helmet features a night vision mod called "Predator Vision" that can be turned on and off using the workbench.

* Predator Vision only activates in 1st person and disables itself during 3rd person
and dialog cinematics with a cool audio and visual effect.

* The Predator Vision works best when used during the night or indoors because it's designed to
help identify targets in dark environments but impair vision during very bright sunny days.
The blue color hue was chosen to replicate the heat vision from the movies but unfortunately
we were unable to replicate the heat signature effect as well.

• High resolution version is about 12K (yes 12K) and we recommend using it with 4GB or more GPUs.
(10x4K textures and 4x2K textures plus a few more textures for the various effects like glow)

Medium resolution version mostly consists of 2K textures and we recommend using it with 3GB or less GPUs.
 Low resolution mostly consists of 1K and we recommend using it with very very old GPUs.

• You can freely equip this armor to any of your companions but remember to deactivate the Predator Vision
on the helmet because when they equip it your character will see targets highlighted as well.

• Lastly this armor supports Fallout 4 High Heels System that will raise your character a few cm
to precisely align the bottom of your feet to the ground but it works fine without it as well.

• This outfit was made entirely in Blender.

• Every single mesh was made from scratch and it's unique to Fallout 4.

• All textures were hand painted in Photoshop from the Diffuse,
Specular, Reflection, Glow, to the Height maps.

• The Helmet was modelled after a real life helmet designed by TwoHornsUnited Creations.

• Software used: Blender, Outfit Studio, Nifscope, Photoshop and Crazy Bump.

Many thanks to all our Patrons for your continuing support, help, ideas
and encouragement to make the armors better and more complicated.

Without you none of this would have been possible, thank you so much guys!

If you like to support us or have an interest in armor creation you can join us on
Patreon and Discord server to watch step by step how these armors are being made.

• Beautiful Monica character, quality testing, and screenshots by dianka33!

Please contact us if you like to use assets of this mod.
You are free to make a conversion of this mod to bodyslide
or any body type as long as you don't copy the textures.

Special thanks to

Ousnius for all the time he has spent offering help and tips on using Outfit Studio!

docteure for her invaluable insights on using Outfit Studio!

hype1 for all the Blender tutorials and tips!

TKHBMVP for the German translation! Nexus Resources, Steam Resources

To all who donate, endorse, comment or just play using this and the previous mods!

Bethesda that made all this possible.

You can find our Skyrim SE mods here.