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Deserter X - dianka33-Original Autors Kharneth-FG BT3 Conversions

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Fusion Girl 1.75+ (1.80 cv) and BodyTalk3 bodyslide files for X-03 Predator Armor by Deserter X (Original Mod required).

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Fusion Girl 1.75+ (1.80 cv) and BodyTalk3 bodyslide files for X-03 Predator Armor by DeserterX (Original Mod required).


BodySlide and Outfit Studio

X-03 Predator Armor:  Anyone of the Main files (But only one XD).

Fallout 4 High Heels System (Recommended): The boots height is not really as tall as you absolutely need it, but it certainly look better with it.

BodyTalk3: For male version

Fusion Girl: For female version.


Download one main file or both, install with any mod manager, open BodySlide, build all outfits in the group "X-03 Predator FG" with any FG preset you fancy for Fusion Girl. Build all outfits in the group "X-03 Predator BT3" with any BT3 preset you fancy for BodyTalk3. Or do both things for both, obviously XD.

-I include a no physics version of the two armors models, if you batch build you will be prompted to choose version.

-Also Include a both arms version of the blades for those who don't use pip-boy like me. If you batch build you will be prompted to choose version. Obviously the double blade version will clip with the pip-boy, don't use it with pip-boy :P.

-I added a very subtle hair physics to the dreads of both helmets (Is barely noticiable, only just to give some movement sensation, firts because of fallout engine, second because more will destroy the intended look). If for any reason you don't want it, just delete the conversion meshes folder. This is for FG, for BT3 static is the default version included, you can pick a hair physics version for BT3 in optional files.

-Dreads in BT3 have noticiable clipping. Not much can be done because the body is bigger and move it will make looks bad. In the default version is more noticiable when moving, in the optional hair physics version movement is good but is more noticiable standing... So choose your poison.


DeserterX Original Autor.  

Don't forget to endorse the original mod!

Fusion Girl - 3BBB by Team ZeX

BodySlide and Outfit Studio by Ousnius and Caliente

Converting CBBE To Fusion Girl by erri120

Cute Preset by Neto - Chefs Camp

BodyTalk3 by TBOS