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Hi. I am lyravega. Modding is a hobby of mine. Sometimes I enjoy modding more than playing the game; it is more like a puzzle/challenge for me, and I love a good puzzle/challenge.

My primary aim when it comes to modding is to open the eyes of other modders to new possibilities, if possible (no pun intended!). Due to this, some of my mods are of poor quality from a gameplay aspect, but the underlying changes may be very helpful to other modders. I'm also very obsessed with the UI. Anyway, I hope you'll find my work useful, and/or make your game even more fun to play.

If I can help another modder, I'll try to do my best, if I'm able to. If you'd like to use my mods in yours', or have any questions, or need help, don't hesitate and contact me via PM, or add me on Steam! (hint: the Steam profile link is at the beginning of this "about me")


Update Legend: +0.001 - hotfix, +0.010 - update (minor), +0.100 - update, +1.000 - never happens

Modding Status (active inactive stopped passed): Avorion - Dying Light - Factorio - Fallout 4 - XCOM 2 - Torchlight I & II - Project Zomboid - Witcher 2 - Freelancer - Civilization V - Titan Quest - Invisible Inc.

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