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A small collection of craftable power sources for your settlement.

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This is a simple settlement addon, that adds a few new wireless power sources to your workshop. These power sources can function free of any wires, however the option to connect them to a larger grid of power remains an option. The Power Boxes are the main focus of the mod, coming in 3 varieties. Low (10pwr), Medium (20pwr), and High (30pwr). All of these boxes have an effective radius of 1000, which is about the length of the Red Rocket hallway, in all directions. The second power source are generators, one of which is civilian grade (15pwr), and the other which is industrial grade(25pwr). These generators have an effective radius slightly larger than power boxes, clocking in at 1500. In addition to these portable generators, a trailer generator is also available (40pwr) with an effective radius of 2000. Lastly, the largest craftable power source in this mod is the transformer. This hunk of metal offers 100 power units, and has an effective range of 5000, being able to power most of the Starlight Drive-In. The power sources require you to find a perk magazine, which can be found in West Everette Estate. The magazine is close to a few of the new generators, on one of the unfinished house foundations. A standalone power box version of the mod is also available for those who don't really want the other items.

Simply drag and drop the files in to your Fallout 4 "data" folder, and activate with the mod manager of your choice.

Power Boxes by Alex3Digital
Generator by Dekagon
Trailer Generator by Dekagon
Transformer by NextLevel3D
Collision Work by Impulseman45