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Your character is a living person, not a corpse. He/she coughs when uncomfortable.
Including animations voices and other effects.

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(The video only shows JP voice pack)

You'll see cough animations, hear cough sounds after:
Infected with disease
Eating dirty food
Drinking dirty water
In storm
Affected by explosion
Falling from high
Taking poison damage
Health is low

Also there is a short gamepad and camera shake.
Animations can be seen in 1st person and 3rd person.
Equipment cover the mouth can prevent coughs caused by storms or explosions.
Other optional gameplay features in MCM menu (See the picture).

If you have AAF installed (Not required). 
You'll get extra face expressions.
And Character will not cought during AAF scenes.

If you have MCM installed(Not required)
You'll get a configuration menu to control many things.
See the picture.

Works for both genders
Japanese voice users can find JP voice pack in Optional file.

This mod and all of my mods won't take up you 255 plugin load limit.
I hope everyone is healthy in realife.

Other mods that prove your character is not a corpse:
Jump Grunt
Stimpaks Help You Breathe
Workbench Humming

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Q: Mod not working?
A: Try console command "startquest elzee_cough_qust".
Try install AAF.

Q: Outfit?
A: Corset from Vtaw Wardrobe 6
Belt from Vtaw Lana
Skirt from sonico uniform
Boots from Aboots by Jmenaru

Q: I have some other questions or bugs to report.
A: Feel free to use the post and the bug page.
I'm not that kind of "great author" like steve40 who published mods full of papyrus errors and even has no courage to face bug reports.
But I may not be able to help everyone very carefully.

Q: I said thank you but you don't reply.
A: I usually don't reply to simple thank you messages. But thank you. I'll remember:)
And thanks for everyone who gave me kind words and endorsments.

Cherish your saved game, stay away from steve40.