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Restore player humming at workbench.

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Player humming at workbench seems a cut content of vanilla game. The PlayerWorkbenchScript is total useless but still running in your game.

This mod remade the script and restored this content.

No plugin. No conflict. Completely safe.

This video is lucky and just to show the humming.
The humming chance in game is not very high.
Works for all workbenches.
Also works for male character.

My mod pursues simplicity and efficiency, Minimize script latency. No script error in papyrus log.
Safe to update/Uninstall in mid-game.
Unlike Steve40, the scripts are full of errors, contaminating your saved game and make it more and more unstable. Then blocks users who report bugs.
That 's great.

Q: I have some questions or bugs to report.
A: Feel free to use the post and the bug page.
I'm not that kind of "great author" like steve40 who doesn't have the courage to face bug reports and simply blocks users.
But I may not be able to help everyone very carefully.

Q: I said thank you but you don't reply.
A: I usually don't reply to simple thank you messages. But thank you. I'll remember:)
And thanks for everyone who gave me kind words and endorsments.