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A large Institute-themed settlement based on Spectacle Island. If you aim to side with the Institute during your next play through, you should give this mod a look as it could serve as your base of operations on the surface.

Permissions and credits

Back in July 2019 I posted my Institute-themed blueprint for Spectacle Island.  A number of people inquired whether or not I could make the settlement into an actual mod.  At that time I knew nothing of the Creation Kit so I could not advance that idea.  Since then I have learned quite a lot, enough to make me dangerous as well as convert the blueprint into a standalone mod.  Unfortunately, the mod is not an exact replica of the blueprint (artistic liberty applies) as it took on a life of its own.


As this is an Institute-themed mod, it uses assets from what I’d consider the “gold standard” of settlement additions, namely ccmads Settlement Objects Expansion Pack.  The author expresses thanks and appreciation to ccmads, both for his outstanding mod as well as his permission to use his assets in my mod.  Without these assets, this mod would not have been possible.

The author would also like to thank Doobot for allowing use of his assets from his AS Craftable Institute Stations.  Likewise, I’d like to thank neeher for allowing use of his assets from his More Power Armor Display Stations mod.

The static rooftop communications array uses an asset from the Modders Resources and Tutorials section here on the Nexus, namely, the Radio Roof Installation.

I would also like to acknowledge some Institute-themed mods which inspired me.  I drew inspiration from these mods and would highly recommend them:

The bridge idea was borrowed from a mod by Killroyics

Lastly, I would like to thank the patrons of the Nexus forum who went out of their way to answer questions, develop scripts and help with model tweaks and the like.  Specific thanks to the following: SKK50, niston, DieFeM, Sebo85, Zorkaz, YouDoNotKnowMyName; icestormng, NoCashNoExp, and others that I am undoubtedly forgetting.


  1. This mod completely overhauls Spectacle Island.  There is NO need to scrap anything on the Island and the user SHOULD NOT have any assets installed on Spectacle Island.  A previously undiscovered Island is probably the best scenario.
  2. This mod includes bridging from the Island to area in the vicinity of Warwick homestead.  Some tweaking in this area was also made.
  3. This mod was tested on a fresh install with no other mods installed.  No compatible testing was performed; therefore, none is guaranteed.
  4. The mod assumes you have sided with the Institute; thus, it may not be compatible with other factors and may conflict with some side quests (e.g., Mercer Safehouse).
  5. The mod is for the PC only.  I do not own or use other gaming platforms; therefore, I cannot support them.
  6. I made this mod for me but I have chosen to share it with the FO4 community.  Like me, it is not perfect.  You, the user, assume all risk by using it.
  7. This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, business, events and incidents are the products of the author's imagination. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.
  8. This mod REQUIRES all the DLCs.


  1. Precombine and Previs.  Two attempts were made to develop new precombine and previs datasets for this mod.  Unfortunately, both failed.  Additional attempts will be tried in the future; however, if any user has the skills, processing power, and desire, have a go at it.   I’d appreciate the assist and give you due credit.
  2. Terrain LOD.  Terrain and structures from the original Spectacle Island can be seen from a distance.  Attempts in the future will be made to remedy this situation.

  1. Set up a functional Synth production line.
  2. Set up specific NPCs to serve as Division Heads within the Spectacle Island complex.
  3. Set up a quest/scene whereby a Courser gives a threat presentation to the Director and Division Heads in Security Command section.  The Courser’s audio will be synchronized with a slide presentation playing on a screen.
  4. Set up a Teleportation Facility which contains a working teleporter to facilitate teleportation to major settlements.
  5. Investigate setting up a drone that patrols Spectacle Island on a periodic basis.
  6. Monitor/control specific settlement functions (power, water, recruitment, etc) from within A.C.E.
  7. Add custom sirens to watchtowers to rally settlers in the event of an attack
  8. Investigate setting up a quest/scene whereby captured synths (i.e., those in the holding cells) are rehabilitated
  9. Investigate an advance training course for the Coursers.
  10. Investigate adding a weather control station to the complex that monitors for radiation storms and dissipates them when they appear


Deep within a partially collapsed and forgotten tunnel, a dim green light on an emergency exit door began to glow intensely.  Infrastructure repair work and the recent start-up of the new mass fusion generator had restored power to this section of the massive underground complex.  Unbeknownst to Father or any of the other Institute personnel, an artificial intelligence known as the Strategic Assessment Machine (S.A.M.) had awakened from a dormant state.

S.A.M., a vastly superior version of the Predictive Analytic Machine (P.A.M), accessed the Institute’s vast computer network, associated databases, and incoming data feeds.  S.A.M applied a vast array of algorithms and predicative modeling capabilities to perform a strategic assessment of the wasteland.  S.A.M. concluded the following, each having a high mathematical probability:
  • The Institute was critical to the recovery and long term survivability of the human race.
  • The Institute’s underground complex would be destroyed or compromised.
  • S.A.M could overtly or covertly guide the Institute; however, S.A.M.’s existence was also at risk.

S.A.M.’s Conclusion:  An alternative Institute site needs to be constructed to ensure survivability of itself and the organization known as the Institute.  
Courser X7-77 paused momentarily as she received an encrypted priority gold message from Institute headquarters.  After authentication, she processed the message in its entirety: “Proceed immediately to Spectacle Island and take command of the group of Synths currently in route.
  • Mission:  Begin immediate construction of an above-ground Institute facility on Spectacle Island.  Facility blueprints and technical details for constructing an advanced artificial intelligence known as the Artificial Computing Environment (A.C.E.) are available via encrypted channel.  
  • End State:  A fully functional, above-ground Institute facility is established on Spectacle Island.