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Adds 7 virtual weapon holsters and new weapon sheathing / equipping system which aims for a more realistic approach forcing the player to return a weapon to the holster it was drawn from before being able to equip another weapon.

Permissions and credits

Virtual Holsters is back!! The mod has been re-written to fix issues holstering weapons that you have more than one of in your inventory. The update also switches the VRTools overlap spheres to FRIK's new "Bone Spheres" - which are visible when you move them and connected to the player body rather than the HMD! 

Inspired by the excellent VR Custom Quickslots mod by frazaman, Virtual Holsters provides an alternate take on the virtual weapon management mod concept in Fallout 4 VR. Aiming for a more realistic approach over ease of use, Virtual Holsters will require the player to return weapons to their holsters before being able to draw another.

Virtual Holsters provides the player with 7 virtual (but invisible) weapon holsters which can be repositioned / resized in game via the mods holotape. With the default settings these are configured in the following locations:

  • Holster 1: Right Shoulder
  • Holster 2: Left Shoulder
  • Holster 3: Right Chest
  • Holster 4: Left Chest
  • Holster 5: Right Hip
  • Holster 6: Left Hip (slightly toward the stomach area for easy access)
  • Holster 7: Lower Back
A haptic pulse is sent to your controller when it comes within close enough range of one of the holsters indicating that you can draw a weapon from it. Players can manage which weapon gets stored in which holster via their Pipboy, assigning a weapon to a holster is as simple as equipping a weapon and then selecting the holster you wish to assign it to. Removing a weapon assignment from a holster is merely a question of activating the holster in your Pipboy when it is full.

Another advantage of Virtual Holsters is its unique weapon storage solution which ensures that the player equips the exact weapon they have stored in a holster everytime they equip from it and not a random weapon from your inventory of the same type. This system ensures that if you store a modified silenced pistol in your left hip holster, this would be the exact weapon you draw when equipping from that holster and not the unmodded pistol you just picked up off a dead raider thus allowing you to implement a more tactical loadout.

  • Left handed mode is currently unsupported until RollingRock manages to update FRIK with left hand support.
  • The holster may not work as well in power armor, a solution will come once the FRIK has finalised its Power Armor implementation.

  • Install the mods requirements.
  • Install this mod and ensure it is placed with the first 127 plugins in your load order (1 to 127).
  • Load your save game, open the Pipboy & equip a weapon.
  • With the Pipboy still open navigate to the MISC section and then select the holster you wish to assign the weapon to.
  • Weapons can be removed from holsters by selecting the holster in your Pipboy when it is full.
  • The mods holotape can be used to reposition / resize the holsters overlap spheres in game as well as configure the mod for left handed mode or change the button which equips the weapons from holsters.

Post 2.1.0 update: You can now assign weapons to holsters by equipping a weapon from your Pipboy or the Favorties Wheel and then holding down the 'Favorites Button' while your controller is overlapping the holster you wish to assign it to. A haptic buzz will play when its safe to let go of the 'Favorites Button'.

The same method can be used to unassign weapons from holsters, simply holster any drawn holster assigned weapon and then hold down the 'Favorites Button' while your controller is overlapping the holster you wish to remove an assigned weapon from. A haptic buzz will play when its safe to let go of the 'Favorites Button' and your holster will now be free and ready for you to assign another weapon to.

Note: As default the mod is configured for right handed players and to use the 'A Button' which may be 'Grip' depending on your SteamVR binding profile for Fallout 4 VR. Use the mods holotape to change these settings if they are not to your tastes.

Note 2: Weapons which are assigned to holsters will no longer be displayed in your inventory. If you wish to modify or sell a weapon you have assigned to a holster you will first need to equip it or remove the holster assignment so that the weapon is again displayed in your inventory.

  • It is extremely important that you remove all weapons from their holsters so that they show back up in your inventory before removing this mod. I accept no responsibility for players removing the mod without first following this step.
  • Remove the mod as normal via your mod manager.

After such a massive overhaul it is very important that you upgrade to the new version correctly in order to avoid weapon loss and also to ensure that the new holsters are configured correctly. Following the below steps will ensure a smooth transition to the latest version of Virtual Holsters:

  • Load your game with your current installed version of the mod installed
  • Remove any weapons you have stored in holsters so they are once again shown in your inventory. (You can use the 'Unassign All Holstered Weapons' option in the holotape)
  • Save your game and exit
  • Remove Virtual Holsters from your mod manager
  • Reload your game with no version of Virtual Holsters installed
  • Reload your save game, create a new save and then exit the game
  • Install the new version of Virtual Holsters

Version 1.0.3
  • Initial Release

Version 2.0.0
  • Fixed issues with adding weapons to holster when you have more than one of that type in your inventory
  • Moved overlap spheres to FRIKs new 'BoneSpheres' system
  • Updated Holotape menus to include options to resize, reposition and make spheres visible
  • Added Holotape option to unassign all currently holstered weapons and add them back to your inventory
  • Updated scripts for better performance.
  • Other minor bug fixes

Version 2.0.2
  • Fixed 'Unassign All Holstered Weapons' holotape option - this should now work correctly
  • Fixed issue where holsters would stop working if the game force equipped a weapon while you had a holster assigned weapon in your hand
  • Removed 'Show / Hide all Spheres' options from the holotape, this option is now depeciated as spheres will automatically become visible as you move them around

Version 2.0.3
  • Fixed issue when assigning weapons to either chest holster which could break holster usage.
  • Important: Follow the 'Upgrade' instructions above when upgrading from a lower version to 2.0.3.

Version 2.0.5
  • Fixed grenades and other explosives not being equippable if you had a holstered weapon drawn.
  • Added 'Enable / Disable Weapon Draw Block' option to the holotape to disable / enable the ability to switch to weapons in your inventory / favourites wheel even if you have a holstered weapon drawn. Note: This does not enable you to switch between holstered weapons if you have one drawn.
  • Other minor improvements to scripts.
  • It should be fine to update directly from version 2.0.3 but if you are using a version prior to that please follow the 'Upgrade' instructions above

Version 2.1.0
  • Added support for holding the 'Favorites Button' while controller is overlapping a holster to assign current held weapon or remove the current weapon assignment if the holster is already full. Hold the button until you feel a powerful, long haptic buzz.
  • Added option to disable Haptics on overlap with holster sphere events for all holsters other than the left / right shoulders and lower back.
  • Added option to enable visual spheres on overlap with holster events for all holsters other than the left / right shoulders and lower back. Sphere will vanish when your controller is not longer overlapping with the holster sphere.

  • RollingRock16: For his work on the amazing 'FRIK - Full Body Player Avatar' Mod. Additional thanks for the time you spent adding the papyrus functions and code behind many of the functions this mod depends upon!
  • Frazaman: For his excellent port of VRTools + PapyrusVR to Fallout 4 VR. Honestly, another key modding tools we'd be lost without!
  • The F4SE Team: For F4SEVR

I have included all of the source for my mod in the hope that anyone wishing to contribute to the Fallout 4 VR modding scene but are unsure where to start or how to get 'VR Centric' things like the overlap spheres, controller haptics etc provided by VRTools or FRIK working. If you have any questions please feel free to take a look at the code and then hop on over to r/Fallout_VR where we can (hopefully) point you in the right direction. We won't make mods for you, but maybe we can help you make your vision a reality!

Due to issues with the moderator of r/FO4VR many of Fallout 4 VR's most talented content creators will no longer be
providing support for their work, offering advice, guidance or frequenting that sub in any way. We hope to see you over on r/Fallout_VR where we're building a better community!

Cheers all - Cy