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The Atomic Revolution and its consequences have been a disaster for the human race! Spread your based ideology throughout the Commonwealth with 4 brand new craftable flags.

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Read Industrial Society and Its Future (unironically)

Anprim Flags

This mod adds four new flags for you to craft at your settlements: a wall flag, two static flags on poles (a short one and a tall one) and a waving flag, all found under the decorations category.

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Borealis + Boston Natural Surroundings + Commonwealth Conifers - 200 years is more than enough time for Nature to recover from a nuclear apocalypse
Diary of a Madman - Blow up the Brotherhood's Prydwen (technophiles), exterminate the Institute and the Railroad (transhumanists), obliterate Diamond City (civtards) and finish off the Minutemen (it's a matter of time until they become authoritarian), all in the same playthrough

LString Fallout Bow - Adds three extremely high quality bows (we want to focus on the primitive one)

Industrial Society and Its Future
Read it

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