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Sim Settlements based City Plan for 35 settlers. Depending on your computers hardware this City Plan can really slow down your game especially if you have VISITORS enabled. You can have over 50 NPC's, visitors & Bunker Hill Caravan people here all at once. Make sure you have the needed mods/DLC to get the best experience with this City Plan.

Permissions and credits
This mod requires the following mods to even be useable
Sim Settlements 
Not required but highly recommended
Sim Settlements Conqueror (Used in some of the martial plots)
Workshop Framework (Very useful Workshop tools)
Sim Settlements Megapack Year 1 (Uses a few plots for designers choice)

DLC used in this mod
Contraptions - Used in the Power armor garage, the structure and most of the insides will be gone
Wasteland Workshop - Decontamination Arch in the backyard of the Player home (Where you find Grognak and You are SPECIAL)
Vault-Tec Workshop - Vault-Tec Terminal, this is located in the capsule structure by the player home

Sanctuary Green Hills - Population 35
This settlement does many things but not the everything. It's focus is on making caps and food/water. With Designers choice enabled (This is a option in the Cit Manager Holotape or MCM) this settlement will have 2 Advanced Industrial plots which cover your water needs and unlocks lvl 4 agriculture plots. You have 3 water producing items on the river bank and 6 agriculture plots (2 interior) located on the Hedge/Fence area of Sanctuary. You will have an Armor shop, Clothing Shop, Gun shop, & Doctor along with the Bunker Hill Trade Post to solve most of your trading needs and produce more caps then you will ever need. I built a bridge to Abarnathy farm, a large hedge garden behind the building with the workshop & a graveyard. Full walled this Sanctuary will be able to defend itself house most of your needs on your journey into the Commonwealth. Player home features all the crafting stations and displays for your weapons with a few containers for storage.

1.0 is now out and when Sim Settlements 2 city planner pack comes out it will be ported over for the Sim Settlements 2