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Your stores in your settlement are no longer empty and silent. Settlers occasionally go shopping and start different randomized conversations with the vendors. Or maybe just the vendors asks them about buying something. Invisible Shopping Marker version is available too.

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About this mod:

This mod makes your settlements a bit more lifelike. During the day your settlers will occasionally visit a store and have different conversations with the vendor. The actual conversations are randomized to make it more immersive. Settlers spend about one or two minutes at a store. Then, they will go back to work.

When a vendor is not nearby (they're on a break or their shift ended), companions and settlers can still walk at the stores randomly and start browsing. Of course if the vendor is not around, they won't talk to each other.

The shopper and the vendor have to be within 24 feet / 7.3 meters in order for the conversations to start.

Store Mats:

With Store Mats, you can place "stores" anywhere. They are assignable workshop objects that act like as "real" stores. Similarly to Shopping Mats, they are only visible in workshop mode. Two versions: normal (uses the default "Bar Shop Keeping" animation) and a "Clipboard with Pen" variant (uses the "NPC Holding a Clipboard" animation: suitable for doctors). Pretty useful for custom stores (such as for the prebuilt unusable stores in Bunker Hill or for the counter in Nu Cafe Ola).

Shopping Mats:

You can see even more shopping spots with Shopping Mats. Similarly to Store Mats, they're only visible in workshop mode. Settlers will occasionally approach them and start "browsing" (just like if they were in a store). If there's a vendor nearby, the settler will start a conversation with them. They were originally designed for mod added stores but you can place them anywhere. Wherever you place one, your settlers will start shopping. You can also combine using them with Store Mats.

Notes: the mod has much more conversations than preview videos. From v2.1., vanilla workshop stores are not overwritten which means this mod is standalone and should work with mod added stores.

Knock Knock Joke

Store Mats: place stores anywhere

Shopping Mats: wherever you place one, your settlers will start shopping

Combine using Store Mats and Shopping Mats

Need Stimpaks

Asking A Favor

Drawing a Picture For You

Radscorpion vs. Yao Guai?

Lumberjack vs. Shark?

Clothing Sale


Vault-Tec Workshop DLC.

If you're updating from v 1.0 - v2.0 to v2.1 or higher:

If you're currently using v1.0 - v2.0 and you would like to update to v.2.1 or higher, please make sure your settlements are not loaded when you first open the game with the update.


niston for the SetKeywordScript (used in v1.2 - v2.0. Vanilla code in v1.2 - v1.7).


Whenever you like.