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Child of Atom themed power armor, 3 custom sets and a t45 paint job. Unique versions with custom rad enchantment added to the world and regular versions script-injected to vanilla CoA npc leveled lists from level 50+. ESL-flagged ESP.

Permissions and credits
  • Russian

Requires Far Harbor DLC and Fallout 4 version 1.10.162 or later.

3 CoA themed Power Armor
1 paint job for the t45

Can be upgraded with linings, material and misc mods.
Separated from the Sim Settlements Atom's Glory Liberator Faction Pack.
Support for Canary Save File monitor if you have it installed.
If you use the PA overhaul Some Assembly Required, get the patch generously provided by Lonewanderer345.

How to start the mod
Expose yourself to a LOT of rads.

Unique armor sets
If you accept, three sets of armor with unique enchantments will be made available to you and the regular versions will be injected to vanilla CoA npcs leveled lists (level 50+).
  • Augur of Ashes: increases charisma the higher your rads
  • Bane of Bones: increases endurance the higher your rads
  • Rising Redeemer: increases perception the higher your rads
If you decline there will only be a script injection of the armor into the CoA npc leveled lists. 

Custom Rad-themed upgrades
Reworked Misc:
  • Tesla Coils --> Gamma Coils, deals rad damage instead of energy damage to nearby enemies
  • Tesla Bracers --> Gamma Bracers, adds rad damage instead of energy damage to unarmed attacks
  • Rad Scrubbers --> Inner Focus, fortifies crits by 10%
  • new Misc: "Atom's Ally", that adds the player to the CoA faction when using the Power Armor (adding it to one arm is enough to get the effect). If you enter the PA with already hostile CoA npcs in the area, they will still be aggressive.
  • new Misc: "Atom's Devoted", that has the same effect as the clothing item - where the radiation resistance increases as the wearer becomes more irradiated.

Reworked Materials:
  • Military --> Molecular (adds Strength)
  • Minutemen/Vault --> Orbital (adds Charisma)
  • Lead painted --> Organic Coating (Increases Poison Resistance)


Controller script from Bethesda Mod School series by kinggath
Outfit studio by Ousnius
Nifskope by jonwd7 etc
FO4Edit by Elminster etc

Showcase of the mod by DiscoGnome, Ace Antics and Degenerate Dak. Thank you!