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Adds 6 Workshop Framework layouts and 2 Sim Settlements city plans; A 1-level-city plan in Starlight Drive-in and a 3-level city plan in Sunshine Tidings. All are rusty, scrappy junk piles designed to blend in with the rest of the world while still giving you as a player a cozy nook to take refuge in.

Permissions and credits
These are buildning remnants that my dead characters left behind, most are close to Sanctuary - reflecting the fact that they normally did not make it far before getting killed. They consist of 6 Workshop Framework layouts accessible through the workbench:

  • Sanctuary Warehouse. A large main building down by the bridge.
  • Sanctuary Main Street. Also has a large player residence by the bridge but with more plots.
  • Red Rocket Fortress. A 14 bed powerhouse designed to be used with our Atom's Glory Sim Settlements faction pack.
  • Starlight Dim Light. Small village that concentrates on the top northeast corner in Starlight Drive-in.
  • Graygarden Player Home. 1 bed, three turrets. Safe, a fine place to come. Spend your money, settle down.
  • Dalton Fortress. Mainly a junk wall around the settlement, it also has a large main house down by the water.
  • ..and a 1 level only city plan in Starlight Drive-in, activated with a City planners desk.
  • plus a 3 level city plan in Sunshine Tidings.

How to install the layouts:
A tutorial video for installing Workshop Framework Layouts can be found here.

Fallout 4, version 1.10.162 or later with all the DLCs.
Workshop Framework
Sim Settlements 1 (the legacy edition)

Recommended mods for optimal performance:
Wasteland Venturers AIO
Atom's Glory Faction Pack

Inspiration for the Graygarden Player Home comes from Orody's Castle Blueprint
Kinggath for Sim Settlements and Workshop Framework.
Bethesda for everything.
Tinuvia for the push. And the love.