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Fixing the Piezonucleic effect to actually increase AP refresh.

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Fixing the Piezonucleic effect to actually increase AP refresh or reduce PA Battery drain.

In vanilla game the Magic Effect for Piezonucleic Lining contains Actor Value - PABatteryDamageRate "Power Armor Battery Damage Rate" [AVIF:0015A8B2](screen.2). This Actor Value is used in Magic Effects to control the rate at which the Fusion Core is drained. It has nothing to do with Action Points. And Piezo effect is not working for the Fusion Cores either. This mod is my attempt at fixing the issue.

1st variation

When the equipped clothing has Piezonucleic Lining mod, a perk is applied. Through a spell, the perk adds an ability that increases AP refresh speed(screen.3). A condition is used, which checks if a magic effect applied to the character has the keyword DamageTypeRadiation. I matched the same settings as the second rank of Action Boy/Girl perk(screen.4). If you wish to increase AP refresh speed even more - open the plugin with FO4Edit, find the spell AbPerkPiezo and increase the Magnitude for the magic effect. For example, you can increase it from 3 to 5. For immersion reasons stay below 10.

2nd variation

Works in similar way. Here the perk adds an ability that reduces the Fusion Core drain rate by 50%(screen.5). Same condition is used. For the sake of less conflicts, the Piezonucleic Legendary Mod is not touched. Its description will still say that AP refresh is increased.

Use only one variation, because they change the same effect. For both, the plugins are flagged as ESL.

Thank you:
xEdit team
Bethesda's CK