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Makes many smaller immersive tweaks for a more fun gameplay.
Things that should have been in the game from the start

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This mod makes many changes for better immersiveness and fun, things that (probably) should have been standard from the game release.

Three versions available:
1) Combined version with all the changes in one
2) Loose plugins of every change, so you can Pick And Choose whatever you want,
3) PickAndChoose as ESPFE ESL-ified plugins so they don't take a loadorder slot.

Here is a list of what the combined version changes, (or what each seperate plugin covers):
Combat Styles and NPC Accuracy: NPC's are now 40-60% less accurate, but to make up for that they are now much more intelligent in the way they approach combat, resulting in fun combat. It's based on the combat styles courtesy of Lunar Overhaul, they are heavily tweaked so you know you are in for a good time.
Movement Speed: It is now much more immersive. Run slightly slower, walk faster, backwards/sideways slowed to be more immersive. 2-handed are slightly slower than 1-handed, etc. Power armor isn't as affected by weapon choice, and walks much faster, so it feels like the tanky machine it is (No NPC edits and the sprint stutter fix included.) 
Collision of dead bodies: So now you can't just run through them
Legendary Enemies FX and Shader FX: Removed any shader FX when they they are enraged etc, and also the messages. They still do their little chargeup animations though, so you know they are getting serious. You also won't be getting any visual shaders from creature attacks, like poisons or mirelurk spit on your character anymore.
Sandbox for Settlers And Caravans: Every sandbox is now increased by 2x, so settlers and npc's will walk further around etc.
Food Heal Over Time: Like in survival, food and drinks now heals over time, compatible with all food mods. Faster on easier difficulties, slower on harder
Bash and Melee Distance: It is around 15% less now, bash slightly lower than melee.
Artillery and Flares: Now they are slightly more realistic visually, and a little more quiet.
DLC Load Screens Tweak: Won't display so much but still a little, and also automatrons won't attack as often.
Gun Particle FX Distance: You can now see bullet holes from 4x the distance
Green Screen VATS-filter Remover (and Jet): Now it won't be green anymore. Jet and Slow Time also won't have filter fx
Pipboy Light and PA Light: Now they light slightly farther. PA Light now also casts shadow (NB: extra shadows might have a slight fps hit if you play on weaker hardware).
Holotapes and Radio Audio Fix: Holotapes uses the Voice slider now, so they are louder. Ingame radios can be heard from further away also.
Docile (Sometimes) Creatures: Radstags, radroaches, bloatflies, stingwings, rabbits, chickens and vicious-dogs Factions tweaked, ie. no NPC records edited so highly compatible. Doesn't mean they are always docile when they spawn though for some reason, but many times they are. Bonus: your companions won't constantly run after them all the time either.
Chemisty Station Namechange: Now it is called Crafting Station, since you probably don't make much chemistry there with all your other mods.
Vertibird Minigun: Slightly more accurate - changes AIM-model, not the weapon-record, so highly compatible.
Ironsight DOF: Is now removed, since that was a bad effect that looked bad.
Moon Size Increased: It was so small in vanilla, now it is 25% larger.
Survival MessageBox: When fully satiated, now it will show a OK-messagebox instead of a 2-second corner-message. So you can easily consume all the food you have without worrying about when it is enough.
Broadsider weapon tweak: Now the cannon balls can be picked up, and it does slightly more damage to compensate. BONUS now also makes the Laser Musket able to receive all Creation Club skins, if you have any of them - and works even if you don't.
Puddles Shininess Fix: Decreases shininess of the puddles by 25%, and slightly darkens colors.

That was every single tweak this mod does!

Load it below your other mods to overwrite, load it higher up if you want other mods to overwrite.
It is made to be pretty compatible, meaning no NPC edits and such, and if another mod overwrites anything this mod won't break.

It can be used for a Vanilla-Plus game run through. Or it can be used together with other overhauls like Unbogus, Lunar or Wasteland Survival since they don't change many of those things (except the Combat Styles, Broadsider/Lasermusket and Artillery, so load my below if you want my changes or vice versa).

Requires Automatron, Nuka World and Far Harbor.

Safe to install and uninstall mid playthrough.

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