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Tweaks several perks, weapons, health, legendaries, perks for Lunar Overhaul!
Includes patch that carries over all Lunar perks changes to AlwaysAPerk changes.
So now every 2nd rank in perks gives a SPECIAL-point now, and SPECIALs can't be improved directly.

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I love Lunar Overhaul, it's a really well-made overhaul, zero scripts, no fps loss, overall great balance and very fun! Has only some things I felt could be improved, especially when wanting a more rewarding Survival experience!

There are 2 files to download, recommend to download both of them.

What the "Perk Tweaks for Lunar Overhaul and AlwaysAPerk" file does:
Carries over all Lunar perks changes to AlwaysAPerk changes.
Every 2nd rank in perks gives a SPECIAL-point now, and SPECIALs can't be improved directly.

Several balances have been made additionally, that will probably make the game slightly harder but hopefully more fun:
Tweaked several perks so they are all hopefully worth taking now;
such as but not limited to the damage-increasers now being less powerful, rad resist perk giving less resistance and VANS now being half as powerful, Inspirational and Lone Wanderer less overpowered, 
Boosted some perks, such as made Intimidation last slightly longer and further, and boosted Commando and Refractor damage slightly.

The effect on this patch with gameplay is that, every level you now get some fun new perks instead of taking boring SPECIALs. And you are now forced to specialize more in order to get to the best high-special perks. You might even have to take some perks you never tried before, just to get your SPECIALs up a point!

Works best on new games, or existing games where you haven't taken rank 2 in any perks.

Lunar Fallout Overhaul

Overwrite esp with my file, keeping his .ba2 main file, and load after/below Lunar

What the "Lunar Fallout Tweaks" file does:
- Weapon Tweaks:
Tweaks 10mm, pipes, hunting rifle and shotguns to be a little more balanced between eachother, and laser musket can now take creation club skins.
- Legendary Tweaks:
Changes a few Legendaries to be more fun, like Deadly is now Two-Shot again but with much more recoil. 
Legendary enemies now gets only 50% dmg boost and 25% accuracy boost, and also heals 200hp on boost.
- Rarity Tweaks:
Makes ammo, fusion cores and chems harder to get in vendors and boxes, they will have ~40% of the time have less ammo, and also restock every 3th day
- Difficulty Tweaks:
Makes chems not thirst you in survival
Makes enemies gain less HP and slightly less damage as they level up, but start with more HP. Hopefully makes them even less bullet spongy, and slightly harder early gameplay.
Makes Survival damage input/output more akin to Hard.
Makes certain magazines less overpowered
Adrenaline now gives 2% dmg per rank from 5%.
Sneak attacks gives 1.5x dmg instead of 2x

Both files are standalone to eachother, but I recommended for best effect is to download both files, and play with them and enjoy the game hopefully a little more

I am pretty satisfied with the balance tweaks now, so further updates will probably get a changelog.