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HUD is designed like a stamp sitting in the right corner. Everything is visible, very compact but large enough to be easily readable.

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This mod makes many HUD element have a 25 degree angle, while moving them to the right side. I wanted every element combined in one place, and the only way to make the compass big enough to actually see while keeping the rest small, is if it is angled. It works better than I expected
It kinda sits at the corner like a stamp. I found this UI design very unintrusive while playing, so it works very well ingame.

The HP/AP/enemy/compass bars are designed to each be the precise length needed to be cut off right outside the screen, so zero information is lost compared to straight HUDs.

It has mostly vanilla-sized text, made to be easily readable.
It has a compass that shows custom and quest locations.
It has enemy bar that shows legendary and highlevel icons.
It has icons for grenade, survival, critical, flashlight, injury, perk icons visible.

Note, that even though everything is so compacted, everything is visible, and there is only rarely clipping that occurs and it's nothing that's distracting (like compass icons overlapping the Hidden-text).

Requires DEF_UI to be installed. Designed for 16:9 icons