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A self sufficient, well defended water purification plant with a small trading hub.

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This is the level 3 of my coastal cottage city plan contest entry. That had some minor errors which I'm using this Layout to fix, but mainly to drum up interest in Workshop Framework Layouts as it is a fantastic way to import and export settlements.

Requires Version 2.0 or Greater of Workshop Framework

Settlement: Coastal Cottage

Required DLC
Far Harbor(Sort of)

Required Mods
Workshop Framework
Sim Settlements

Recommended Mods
Sim Settlements Mega Pack - Year One

Population: 12

Residential plots: 10
Industrial plots: 2
Commercial plots: 4
Martial plots: 2
Agricultural plots: 3
Recreational plots: 1

While Far Harbor is listed as a requirement this Layout can be used without it. The only item that requires it is the large Vim sign in the header picture, if FH is not present it will not spawn.

I've included a city plan version for use with the Conqueror pre-build system.

There may or may not be a secret bunker at this settlement, that would require workshop mode to access.

Many thanks to KingGath for creating the excellent WSFW.

How To Use

Workshop Framework Layouts are installed like any other mod, and then applied from the Manage option on the Workbench. Once you have applied all of the zones you are
interested in, you can uninstall the mod if you like. (There are advantages to keeping it installed if you have the room in your LO though!)

Here's a video on Importing layouts: