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Each Hacker perk now enables automatic hacking of terminals BELOW that perk level. Bye minigame!

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This mod does for terminals what tesnexus8's wonderful Auto Lockpick mod does for containers and doors.

With Auto Hack, terminals at your current Hacker perk level still have to be hacked manually, the same as before. For terminals below your current perk level though, in addition to e.g. "UNLOCK [NOVICE]" the terminal will now offer the second activation "AUTOHACK", selecting this will automatically hack the terminal, skipping the minigame entirely (but still giving an XP reward based on the lock level). Once you reach Hacker level 4, the hacking minigame can become but a distant, if unpleasant memory if you wish.

The mod is packaged as an ESL-flagged ESP so it doesn't count toward the 255 limit.

No dependencies except the base game.

*** 2021 Update ***
I was already getting tired of the "AutoHack" activator not being under the "E" key, and then I got a request to fix this. So pick just one Main file, as follows:
  • Dual activators - This is the same version that has been up since May 2020 - the mod behaves just as described above, you get to choose how to hack, and automatic hacking is always under the "R" key (or "Space" or other activator depending on what other mods you have installed, but it doesn't change the primary activator, which is typically "E"). This is handy for building affinity with some companions as described below.
  • Single activator - If a terminal is eligible for automatic hacking, that will be your only choice. No more "R" key for hacking. This is handy if your muscle memory with terminals is always "E" (or whatever you have set as your primary activator).
  • You can switch between these versions mid-game, the script is unchanged.

Known Issues
  • The vanilla game awards a base 10xp (before bonuses) for all hacks irrespective of the lock level. Personally I prefer Hacking to be treated like Lockpicking with base awards of 5, 10, 15, and 21xp per lock level. So if you want the extra/double xp for Novice-locked terminals, just hack them manually.
  • Auto-hacked terminals do not trigger affinity events. If you are trying to build affinity with Deacon, Nick, or X6-88, skip the auto hack so that you get the affinity boost.
  • Note that the workarounds above, where you are advised to "just hack them manually" or "skip the auto hack", can only be done with the "dual activators" version of the mod. But I stand with you single-activator players who say that muscle memory is more important than 5xp or a fraction of an affinity point.

tesnexus8 for Auto Lockpick and for giving me a first glimpse at the power of scripting in this game.

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