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Each lockpick perk now also enables automatic unlocking of the level BELOW that perk. If you're tired of wasting your time on a "minigame" that's tedious and not even challenging, this is the mod for you.

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Once you get the hang of it, lockpicking is just a tedious chore. All it does is interrupt the flow of the game and waste time on a crappy 2D "puzzle" that you can do in your sleep.

With this mod, locks AT your current perk level still have to be picked by hand, the same as before. For locks BELOW your current perk level though, instead of e.g. "UNLOCK [NOVICE]" the lock will simply say "UNLOCK", and activating it will automatically pick the lock, skipping the minigame entirely (but still giving the correct XP reward).

The mod is packaged as Light-flagged ESP, so it doesn't count towards the 255 mod limit.

If you'd like the same treatment for hacking (and you know you do), Gourmetrix has you covered over here.

Known Issues

Autopicked locks will NOT trigger Affinity events. So if you want to romance Piper and Cait, doing so will be slightly faster if you hold off on taking the perks until after that.


Q: Can you make it use some random number of bobby pins? Because immersion!
A: No. If you're breaking picks at all, other than from them "wearing out" after a few locks, you're doing something wrong. Feel free to just throw some away every once in a while though, if that makes you happy.  :)