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bHaptics Tactsuit integration mod for Fallout VR. Many different haptic effects on Vest, Arms and Face including feedback from enemy melee, gun, grenade damage, player weapon fire, rain, chem/food usage, power armor walk, jetpack, heartbeat, swimming and much more.

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This mod communicates with Tactsuit when certain events are detected in Fallout VR to give you haptic feedback. It supports Tactot(Haptic Vest for Torso), Tactosy(Haptic Sleeve for Arms) and Tactal(Haptic Face Cushion for HMD)

These are the currently implemented haptic effects (124 different effects):

When player is attacked: (These effects are applied to the angle they come from if possible)
  • Unarmed attacks by different creatures (12 different effects based on creature/animal types)
  • Unarmed attacks by humans
  • Melee attacks by npcs (4 different effects based on melee weapon types)
  • Gun hits by npcs (11 different effects based on gun types)
  • Weapon/unarmed enchantments that come with the hit location(energy, freeze, fire, poison, radiation etc. 7 different effects)
  • Grenade/Mine effects
  • Secondary environmental effects from any unarmed/melee/gun/grenade/mine hits like radiation, poison, fire, frost (8 different effects)
  • Blocked effect on arm.
  • Unarmed, Gun, Melee effects on head.

When player is attacking:
  • Player firing a weapon effect on arm (18 different effects based on weapon types)
  • Player melee attack effect on arm
  • Player reload weapon effect on arm (2 different effects)
  • Player Pain Train charge effect on vest.
  • Fallback effects on vest if arm devices are not detected(14 different fallback effects)
  • Weapon fire kickback effect on vest near shoulder.

Special Effects:
  • Swimming effect on vest.
  • VATS mode effect on vest, like a slow heartbeat. All effects received when VATS is active are applied with longer duration and less intensity to simulate slowed time.
  • Heartbeat effects on the vest when your health is low and very low (2 different effects).
  • Raindrop effects on Vest, Arms, Head.
  • Consumable effects on Vest (8 effects) and Head (4 effects) based on consumable type (like food, drink, chem, stimpak)
  • Power Armor entering and exiting effects on Vest, Arms and Head.
  • Power Armor walking and sprinting effects on Vest.
  • Jetpack effect on back of the vest when it’s active.
  • Starvation, dehydration(on head), infection haptic effects on Vest/Head based on active effects.
  • Crippled body part effects on Vest, Arms, Head (6 effects) also Fallback effects for arms on vest.
  • Special effect when using Teleporter.
  • Environmental effects like radiation and other effects like fall damage etc.


  • F4SEVR: Make sure you download the VR version and install all of the files under “f4sevr_0_6_20” folder inside your Fallout VR directory, so you’ll have f4sevr_loader.exe next to your Fallout4VR.exe.
  • Run the game with f4sevr_loader.exe
  • bHaptics Tactsuit. Make sure bHapticsPlayer is running and the devices are connected.
  • Make sure Fallout VR isn't blocked through firewall. bHaptics sdk uses websocket to connect to bHaptics Player.


Here is the address for Consumer Shop of bHaptics: https://www.bhaptics.com/shop


Manual Installation: Extract the contents of the rar file inside your “Steam\steamapps\common\Fallout 4 VR\Data” directory.

Mod Manager Installation: Use Vortex or Mod Organizer 2 and install it like any other mod. Load order doesn’t matter. This mod is an f4sevr plugin only. No esp.


This mod comes with a configuration ini tactsuit_vr_plugin.ini (Can be found in Data\F4SE\Plugins folder). Everything in this mod is configurable including some sleep times between feedback plays and intensity of all effects played. 

This way, you won’t have to modify the actual feedback files to adjust it for your preferences.

There are comments in the ini for explaining what each setting does.

If you are playing with left handed mode, you need to set LeftHandedMode to 1 in the ini.

For intensity settings, you can modify them to increase or decrease the intensity of the effect or set it to 0 to disable it if you don’t want it. The values are decimal values, so they act like a percentage increase. For example 0.5 means 50% of the original intensity. 10 means 1000% of the original intensity.


This mod uses .tact files which can be designed easily in bHaptics Designer. You can also modify these feedback files that come with the mod. Tact files are in F4SE\Plugins\bHaptics.

Tact files are named by the effect they are assigned to. For example "Ballistic_1.tact" file is run when an npc shoots the player with a ballistic rifle. You can add another feedback file for this effect by making a Ballistic_2.tact or Ballistic_other.tact file and putting it in F4SE\Plugins\bHaptics directory. As long as the file starts with "Ballistic_" it will be recognized and when the time comes for the effect to be run, one of the files will be selected randomly.

I encourage you to make and share your tact files to help other people enjoy them too.


This mod generally uses keywords/races to detect weapon/unarmed attack types so it should be compatible with every mod. If a mod somehow doesn’t fit in any type, they use default effects for each effect (Gun,Melee,Grenade etc.). It’s an F4SEVR plugin, so there is no esp and load order is not important.


  • Add power on effect for melee weapons like Ripper and Chainsaw, also rotation start effect for weapons like minigun (Not possible until we have a mod to get input info).
  • Let me know if you have any other ideas.