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bHaptics Tactsuit integration mod for Half-Life Alyx. Many different haptic effects on Vest, Arms and Face including feedback from enemy unarmed, gun damage, player weapon fire, reload, item storing/retrieving, healing, heartbeat, gravity glove use and more.

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This mod communicates with Tactsuit when certain events are detected in Half-Life Alyx to give you haptic feedback. It supports Tactot(Haptic Vest for Torso), Tactosy(Haptic Sleeve for Arms) and Tactal(Haptic Face Cushion for HMD)

These are the currently implemented haptic effects:

When player is attacked: (These feedbacks are applied to the angle they come from if possible)
  • Unarmed attacks by different creatures on head and vest (14 different effects based on creature types)
  • Grabbed by barnacle effect on vest
  • Gun hits by enemies on head and vest (Different effects based on enemy types)
  • Grenade explosion effect on vest (Different effects based on grenade type)
  • Different effects on vest when player is killed by different causes (blast, burn, shock, radiation, poison etc.)
  • Other effects caused by explosions etc.

When player is attacking: 
  • Player firing a weapon and grenade launch effect on arm (4 different effects based on weapon fire types)
  • Fallback effects for gun fire on vest if arm devices are not detected(3 different fallback effects)
  • Weapon fire kickback effect on vest near shoulder. (3 different kickback effects)

Special Effects:
  • Heartbeat effects on the vest when your health is low and very low (2 different effects).
  • Health pen using effect on vest
  • Health station using effect on vest and arm
  • Player weapon eject clip/reload/open and close casing effects on arm
  • Player backpack clip/resin store/retrieve effects(on shoulder). (4 effects for each side)
  • Player item holder store/remove effects(on arms)
  • Shock on arm effect when inserting device key to hologram
  • Gravity glove lock on effect, pull effect, catch effect (3 different effects)
  • Cough effect on vest and head when coughing.

The mod should work with workshop maps too with the version 1.2.2 scripts file. If you encounter a workshop map that doesn't work with haptics, you can find an addon named bHaptics in your in-game addons list. Enable that. Note that it also requires Scalable Init Support from steam workshop to work.


You need to add -condebug to your Half-Life Alyx launch options like this:


Here is the address for Consumer Shop of bHaptics: https://www.bhaptics.com/shop


Manual Installation: Extract the contents of the Scripts rar file inside your “Steam\steamapps\common\Half-Life Alyx” directory so that you’ll have a vscripts folder like this: “Steam\steamapps\common\Half-Life Alyx\game\hlvr\scripts\vscripts”.

Here is a visual guide: GUIDE IMAGE

Extract the contents of the Application rar file anywhere you want. Run TactsuitAlyx.exe, set your Half-Life Alyx folder correctly and it’s ready to be used. Run your bhaptics player, press Start button on the app. You can change the settings from Settings button.

NOTE: After running the game with -condebug option, it should create a console.log file in "Half-Life Alyx\game\hlvr" folder. If you don't see that, you may need to Verify integrity of game files on steam first.


This mod has a Settings window in the application. You can modify everything in the mod using that including adjusting intensity of the effects, adjusting durations etc. Also you can test the effects right there in the settings window by clicking their labels to achieve intended intensity or duration settings.


This mod uses .tact files which can be designed easily in bHaptics Designer. You can also modify these feedback files that come with the mod. Tact files are in application folder under bHaptics.

Tact files are named by the effect they are assigned to. For example "Combine_1.tact" file is run when a Combine shoots the player. You can add another feedback file for this effect by making a Combine_2.tact or Combine_other.tact file and putting it in bHaptics directory. As long as the file starts with "Combine_" it will be recognized and when the time comes for the effect to be run, one of the files will be selected randomly.

I encourage you to make and share your tact files to help other people enjoy them too. You can send them to me and I can put them as optional files to download.


This mod supports both the main game and any mods that use the same assets.

This mod comes with scripts folder installed. To load that, one line is added to “game/hlvr/cfg/skill_manifest.cfg” file. It's very unlikely, but if you have another mod that modifies that file, then you need to manually merge the files.

Open game/hlvr/cfg/skill_manifest.cfg with a text editor like notepad or notepad++ and in the file you’ll see:

exec skill.cfg
exec skill_episodic.cfg
exec skill_hlvr.cfg

script_reload_code tactsuit.lua

Make sure script_reload_code tactsuit.lua line is there for this mod, and add other mod’s content too to include any other scripts etc.

It should work with workshop maps too. If you encounter a workshop map that doesn't work with haptics, you can find an Addon named bHaptics in your in-game addons list. Enable that. Note that it also requires Scalable Init Support from workshop to work. It should be enabled too.
This is only required for workshop maps. Not the actual game!
So when you are starting a new game with that map, it should appear like this:


  • Add workshop tools/sdk support and possibly more accurate event detection and more effects when they are released.
  • Let me know if you have any other ideas.