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Yes it's the real sanctuary and red rocket. Not a settlement replacer. Live there, do tasks, buy things and take care of the baby.

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A lot of NPCs (Including your spouse) can talk now. It will only be greetings or people humming though.
Doesn't currently have lip files

1.2 Everything now is in an bsa. Be sure to uninstall the previous version

The teleport works with moveto instead of teleport. With this issues when being overencumbered shouldn't happen.
The concord hardware store has been added. You can buy materials from there
You can now build Milk and Nuka-Cola Vending machines in the Commonwealth
Weapon usage is now possible after completing the quest
Red Rocket now has a rock radio
Added city sounds to concord
Some objects have been moved a little bit
Removed the possiblity of radstorms occuring
Added a few new NPCs and Idle Markers
Added a watering plant
The mailbox is now a container without shader effect
Food is now easier to buy (Physic related)
Babyfood-Price got updated
Updated PreVis
LOD Settings file is now included
3rd Person view can be activated
You'll have to buy Codsworth first
The car and work system was added
The dog and dogfood was added
Inflated Prices
Spouse can be activated